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No Name of The Staff Designation Mobile No. E-mail ID
1 Dr. M R Upadhyay Professor & Head 9687666527 mrupadhyay1@gmail.com
2 Dr. Swati Bhatt Professor 9879372038 drswatibhatt63@gmail.com
3 Dr. P.S.Khare Professor 9510908625 mrskalpna @yahoo.com
4 Dr. BansariKantharia Professor 9825690177 bansarikantharia@yahoo.com
5 Dr. Harsha Patel Professor 9925176299 harshapad@yahoo.com
6 Dr. Kavitalalchandani Asso. Prof 9274586809 lalchandanikavita@yahoo.in
7 Dr. Mamta Patel Asso. Prof 9825453024 mgpatel111@yahoo.com
8 Dr. ApekhaPatwa Asst. Prof 9879540828 apekshapatwa@hotmail.com
9 Dr. Darshna Patel Asst. Prof 9925013155 drdarshna1968@yahoo.com
10 Dr. KumudGanvit Asst. Prof 9825607625 drkumudganvit@gmail.com
11 Dr. Neha Shah Asst. Prof 9898019910 nehakinit@gmail.com
12 Dr. Afroza Syed Asst. Prof 9825359856 afrozasyed@hotmail.com
13 Dr. KomalModi Asst. Prof 9712998276 komal77@rediffmail.com
14 Dr. Kashmira Pander Asst. Prof 9426536515 ash3279@yahoo.co.in
15 Dr. Neha Jain Asst. Prof 9374679837 gncheraya@yahoo.co.in
16 Dr. Yogita Patel Asst. Prof 9879576564 yogi99patel@yahoo.com
17 Dr. JyotsanaMaliwad Asst. Prof 9879541238 drmatujr@gmail.com
18 Dr. JalpaBalat Asst. Prof 9909967624 sushil.damor@gmail.com
19 Dr. PinalBumiya Asst. Prof 9978937510 drpinal09@gmail.com
20 Dr. ReenaGameti Tutor 9825229398 drrinaninama@gmail.com
21 Dr. Raksha Patel Tutor 9978098466 drrakshapatel@gmail.com
22 Dr. BhavinBarai Tutor 9898297878 bhavinbarai@hotmail.com

Non teaching

1 Mittal Panchal D.E.O 9429927820 mittukp9434@gmail.com



ABOUT DEPARTMENThttp://medicalcollegebaroda.edu.in/images/Backward.jpg

It is one of the important and biggest departments of the Medical college &S.S.G.Hospital which provides wide variety of services to the patients coming to this hospital and also prepares the Anesthesiologists of future by imparting education to them.

Dr. M.R.Upadhyay is head of the department

PG Intake Capacity Total 13 ---- M.D – 11 seats,

D.A – 2 Seats

Both courses are recognized by M.C.I



Sr.No. Name Designation
1.        Dr.M.R.Upadhyay Professor and Head
2.        Dr.Swati Bhatt Professor
3.        Dr.P.S.Khare Professor
4.        Dr. BansariKantharia Professor
5.        Dr. Harsha Patel Professor
6.        Dr.KavitaLalchandani Associate Professor
7.        Dr.Mamta Patel  Associate Professor
8.        Dr.ApexaPatwa Assistant Professor
9.        Dr.Darshna Patel Assistant Professor
10.    Dr.KumudGanvit Assistant Professor
11.    Dr.Neha Shah Assistant Professor
12.    Dr.Afroza Syed Assistant Professor
13.    Dr. KomalModi Assistant Professor




Sr. No. Type of Surgery YEAR
    2014 2015 2016
1 MAJOR OPERATIONS 16679 15350 16507
2 MINOR OPERATIONS 50011 52074 51606



Research publication during last Three years


48. A Comparison of Intrathecal Nalbuphine Hydrochloride with Hyperbaric bupivacaine 0.5% and Hyperbaric bupivacaine 0.5% Alone in patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomy. Apeksha A. Patwa, ArchanaEndigeri,M.R. Upadhyay , IJORIM, 2014,3 (2), 7-11.

49. Post operative pain relief using Ilioinguinal nerve block after lower segment caesarian section (comparision with intramuscular injection Diclofenac Sodium)KavitaLalchandani, Shyam Lalchandani2, SurendraChhabda, Rina Parikh. IJORIM, 2014,3(2), 98-100.

5o.Effect of Addition of Clonidine (75µg) to Isobaric Ropivacaine (0.75%) on Spinal Blockade Characteristics.Devyani J Desai, Jatin Patel. IJORIM,2014,3 (2), 105-108.

51.Evaluation of 0.5% ropivacaine in subarachnoid block: A comparison with 0.5% bupivacaine. Kumud S. Ganvit, Akshay H.M, IshaSinghal, M.R. Upadhyay. IJORIM,2014,3 (1), 46-50.

52.Prevention of pain on propofol injection in children: Comparative study of pre-treatment with ketamine, tramadol and normal saline. KavitaLalchandani, ShyamLalchandani, FalgunChaudhari. IJORIM,2014,3 (1), 51-53.
53.The efficacy of dexamethasone added as an adjuvant to ropivacaine (0.5%) for brachial plexus block. Kumud S. Ganvit, Akshay H.M., IshaSinghal, M.R. Upadhyay. IJORIM,2014,3 (1), 71-74.

54.Verticalinfraclavicular blockade vs axillary blockade: A clinical study for brachial plexus blockade for upper extremity. Rina Parikh, KavitaLalchandani, Hima J. Patel, ManmeetSandhu. IJORIM,2014, 2(4), 54-58

55.Safety and efficacy of fentanyl versus sodium bicarbonate in axillary brachial plexus block. Darshna D Patel, Varsha N Swadia. IJORIM,2014, 2(2), 132-136.

56.Rocuronium bromide versus vecuronium bromide: comparision of onset, intubating condition and duration of action. Darshna D Patel, Varsha N Swadia. IJORIM,2014, 2(2), 137-141.

57. Effect of low dose infusion of Dexmeditomedine on haemodynamics and post operative analgesia in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Gourishankar Reddy Mane, M R Upadhyay, V N Swadia.
Ind J Anes2014; 58(6):726-31.

58.Trapezius squeeze test versus jaw thrust to assess the depth of anaesthesia for insertion of proseal LMA in children. Devyani J Desai, APrajapati, M R Upadhyay. J Anesthcrit care open access2014; 1(4): 25-29.


59. Effect of IV Nalbuphine on hemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and intubation. PinalDabhi, SanketMehta ,M.P.Golwala, M.R.Upadhyay, Raj Bumiya. Int, J.Res.Med.2015; 3(4): 24-27.

60. evaluation of addition of Dexamethasone 8 mg to Bupivacaine 0.5% for epidural anesthesia in patients undergoing lower limb orthopaedic surgery. AditiDhimar, PinalDabhi, AshishSoneji , M.P.Golwala, M.R.Upadhyay, world Jr. of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.2015; 4(5): 1476-1487.

61. Combination of low dose isobaric Levo bupivacaine 0.5% and Fentanyl compared with isobaricLevo bupivacaine 0.5% in spinal anesthesia for lower abdominal and perineal surgeries. Nimishabrahmbhatt, Ilaprajapati, M.R.Upadhyay, Int, J.Res.Med.2015; 4(2): 55-60.

62.Preanesthetic medication in children: a comparison of intranasal Dexmedetomidine versus intranasal Midazolam.Darshnapatel, Lisha, M.R.Upadhyay, the Jr. of medical research.2015; 1(2): 59-63.

63. Granisetrone – a novel drug for pain alleviation in Propofol injection. Swati Bhatt, BipinkumarPathak, M.R. Upadhyay. world Jr. of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.2015; 4(7): 1686-1701.

64. Dexmeditomidine – a novel drug, as an adjuvant to Lignocaine and Bupivacaine for prolonged postoperative analgesia in supraclavicular block. in Propofol injection. PratikshaAgrawal, Swati Bhatt, M.R. Upadhyay. world Jr. of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.2015; 4(11): 823-834.
65.Dexmeditomidine as an adjuvant to intrathecal hyperbaric Bupivacaine for spinal block characteristics and postoperative analgesia in lower limb orthopedic surgeries. AditiDhimar, Lohit BK, M.R.Upadhyay. IJORIM 2015;4(1):77-83.

66.Caudal anaesthesia for paediatric patients: Comparison between local anaesthetic mixture alone and local anaesthetic mixture with Clonidine ( 1µg/kg). AditiA.Dhimar, AbhisekRaichura, M.R.Upadhyay. World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2015;4(6):617-630.


Awards –last three years

Sr.No. YEAR Dept. of Anesthesiology--    AWARD / MEDALS
    Annual conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists
(State chapter) (National conference)
    Name  Place Price Name Place  Price
1 2014 Dr. RakeshTella Daman 1st prize in T N Jha Category      
2 2014 Dr Tamanna Daman 2nd prize in T N Jha Category      
3 2014 Dr. Lisha K M  Daman 1st prize in Free paper Category Dr. BhavikaSangada Dehradun 2nd prize in R S Bajwa award Category
4 2015 Dr. YashaKameshwar Mehsana 1st prize in T N Jha Category Dr. Hasmukh Patel Amritsar 1st prize in Best paper award Category
5 2015 Dr. Jayram Navade Mehsana 2nd prize in T N Jha Category Dr. Jayram Navade Amritsar 2ndprize in Best paper award Category
6 2015 Dr. Arti Sharma Mehsana 1st prize in poster presentation Dr. Ivy George Amritsar BasudeoKaushlya award for regional anaesthesia
7 2016 Dr. Priyadarshini Bhavnagar 1st prize in T N Jha Category      
8 2016 Dr. Vashishth Bhavnagar 2nd prize in T N Jha Category      
9 2016 Dr. Chintan Bhavnagar 1st   prize
Free paper
10 2016 Dr. kyati Bhavnagar 1st prize in pain category      
11 2016 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Bhavnagar 1st prize in RA Arvindpatel  category      
12 2016 Dr. Vijayalaxmi Bhavnagar 1st Prize in Case report      
13 2016 Dr. Kulesh Bhavnagar 3rd  prize in poster presentation      







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