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Sr Name of Faculty Designation Contact Number Email
1 Dr. Gunvant Parmar Professor & Head 9825607185 dr.gunvantparmar@yahoo.in
2   Associate Professor    
3   Assistant Professor    
4   Assistant Professor    
5 Dr. Bharat Chauhan  Tutor 9825606812 drbsc1968@gmil.com
6 Dr. Neeta Rautela Tutor 8000001391 dr_neeta1984@rediffmail.com
7 Dr. Prashant Patel Tutor 9426518315 dr.prashantpatelbds@gmail.com
8 Dr. Arti Raval Tutor 9427979192 jaymanarti@gmail.com
9 Dr. Sajid Umarji Tutor 8000001721 sajid.umarji@yahoo.in
10 Dr. Mayur Charel Tutor 9825743292 mayurcharel@yahoo.com
11 Dr. Madhavi Pankhaniya Tutor 8460448916 madhavi.pankhaniya@facebook.com




The department of Dentistry provides diagnosis and treatment for problems of the oral cavity and maxillofacial region. The Department of Dentistry at the Sir Sayajirao General Hospital is totally dedicated to serve the poor patients. The department offers a variety of range of services and treatment procedures like tooth extraction, scaling, restorative procedures like silver and composite filling, root canal treatment (to save the tooth), removable partial and complete denture fabrication, obturator fabrication, surgical and conservative management of maxillofacial trauma, dental implants, minor oral surgical procedures like Apicoectomy, alveoloplasty, periodontal flap surgery, mucogingival surgery, Disimpaction surgery etc…




2 weeks of clinical posting in which 10 lectures and demonstrations of various dental procedures and case history taking…

24 theory lectures…




Hospital Services

Patients are treated on outdoor and indoor basis. Outdoor patients are treated in OPD 14 and indoor patients in ward 19 along with ENT department. The department has six working days. Major oral and maxillofacial surgeries are performed in ENT operation theatre under general anaesthesia.

Infrastructure Description 
OPD 14 Minor Oral Surgery Operation Theatre room
OPD room
Prosthetic Laboratory
Demonstration Room
HOD Chamber
Equipments  7 Dental Chairs with 3 x-ray machine
Physiodispenser kit for Dental Implants
Ward 19 6 Beds 



1. Efficacy of Modified Erich Arch Bar in Maxillomandibular Fixation in Cases of Mandibular Fractures.

 2. Comparison of Local Anesthetic Efficacy of 5% Tramadol Hydrochloride (With Adrenaline) Versus 2% Lignocaine Hydrochloride (With Adrenaline) in Tooth extractions.

3. A survey about knowledge, attitude and practice of oral health among the students of faculty of Medicine, Medical College, Vadodara

 4. A comparative study between serratopeptidase versus a combination of trypsin+bromelain+rutoside in the reduction of postoperative sequelae after surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molar.




1. Arti J. Raval, Prashant Patel, Surgical lip repositioning: An esthetic correction for gummy smile. Guident, Oct-2013, Vol-6, Issue-11, Page 46-48.
2. Arti J. Raval, Monali Shah, Vandana Rathva, Fixed intracoronal continuous bar splinting with artificial acrylic teeth. Guident, Sept-2012, Vol-5, Issue-10, Page-69-72.
3. Arti S. Pandya, Jayman B. Raval, Optical Coherence Tomography – A Review. Guident, March-2011, Vol-4, Issue-4, Page 68-70.
4. Arti Pandya, Vandana Rathva, Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis – A case report, Clinical Dentistry, April-2011, Vol-V, Issue 4, Page 59-63.
5. Arti Pandya, Nehal Sheth, Hemisection: Is it worth in an era of Implants? Dental Practice, Sep-Oct 2010, Vol-9, No-5, Page-30-32.
6. Arti Pandya, Alternative anaesthetic technique-Anterior Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve Block for maxillary Periodontal procedures, Famdent, April-June 2010, Vol-10, Issue-4, Page 94-96.
7. Arti Pandya, Jasuma Rai, Sharmila Verma, Periodontal-Orthodontic Interrelationship-A case Report, Dentimedia, Jan-Sept 2010, Vol-15, Issue 1,2,3 Page 32-36.


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