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The Department of General Surgery, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to surgical patients attending S.S.G.Hospital Baroda. It also forms the backbone of the level-2 trauma centre that is being developed with the support from the Government of India. The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The outpatient department operates from OPD-4 located in the common OPD building. The indoor admissions are made to wards C-1, C-2, and C-3, C-4, D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 and E-4 wards, located in the New Surgical Block. The Departmental office is located in the Ground Floor of the New Surgical Block. The department provides treatment to the patients from Vadodara city and Vadodara district. It also receives patient referral from the adjoining districts of Central Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.



• Department of Surgery has 7 surgical Units. Each Unit has one admission day (OPD and Emergency) and two operative days per week.
• Teaching faculty: 2 Professors, 7 Associate Professors and 15 Assistant Professors.
• Resident Doctors: 45
• Total Teaching Beds available -240, Service Beds - 90
• There are separate wards for female and pediatric surgical patients.
• Each ward has facility of 2 special rooms.
• There is a separate 24-bedded burns ward with separate cubicles exclusively for burns patient under the Department of Surgery housed in Ward E-4.
• There are 14 well equipped operation theatres which 7 are under renovation as per NABH guidelines. Of them there are 2 operation theatres each for laparoscopy and emergency surgery exclusively.
• One five bedded Surgical ICU is available for critical patients equipped with ventilators and multipara monitors in the D floor of the New Surgical Block.



1 Dr. Dipesh D. Duttaroy Professor & Head drduttaroy@gmail.com 9824447713
2 Dr. Nimish J. Shah Professor drnjshah2009@rediffmail.com 9825240460
3 Dr. D. K. Shah Professor drdkshah2000@yahoo.co.in 9426336432
4 Dr. Adeesh P. Jain Professor drapj17@yahoo.co.in 9879567657
5 Dr. Samir Kacheriwala Professor dr_samir_k@yahoo.com 9898930339
6 Dr. Sandeep Rao Associate Professor drsandeeprao@gmail.com 9825482708
7 Dr. Amul Bhedi Associate Professor amulbhedi@yahoo.co.in 9426569629
8 Dr. Ankur Kothari Associate Professor drankurkothari@hotmail.com 9998216017
9 Dr. Anis Vohra Associate Professor asvohra123@rediffmail.com 9824267069
10 Dr. Jayesh Gohel Assistant Professor jayugohel@yahoo.co.in 9825698778
11 Dr. Bhavin Patel Assistant Professor drbhavinvithani@gmail.com 9879617765
12 Dr. Hitesh Patel Assistant Professor hitesh_315@yahoo.co.in 9879722888
13 Dr. Ritesh Patel Assistant Professor ritesh9426@gmail.com 9825179309
14 Dr. Sushil M. Damor Assistant Professor sushil.damor@gmail.com 9909967634
15 Dr. Mihir K. Shah Assistant Professor mihirkshah1982@yahoo.in 9099010536
16 Dr. Hardik Parmar Assistant Professor hardik2p@yahoo.com 9909012706
17 Dr. Manoj Vasava Assistant Professor dr.manoj28986@yahoo.com 8980901010
18 Dr. Umesh Vaishnav Assistant Professor dr.umesh77@yahoo.com 9099968838
19 Dr. Jitendra Tadpada Assistant Professor   8238012036
20 Dr. Manish Bariya Assistant Professor manishbariya85@gmail.com 7096188939
21 Dr. Dimple D. Patel Assistant Professor pateldimple182@gmail.com 7490054525



NO NAME & ADDRESS Designation  E-MAIL ID Mobile
1 Dr. Shaili Patel S.R shaili.patel24@gmail.com 9925539033
2 Dr. Tejas B. Patel S.R tejbpat6@gmail.com 9825249246
3 Dr. Burhan Kaydanda S.R bkaydawala1989@gmail.com 9429079551
4 Dr. Ashwin Kavikotiyal S.R   7405070838
5 Dr. Pankaj Bharadva S.R pankajbharadva@gamil.com 9426846211
6 Dr. Manan Shah S.R manan5889@gmail.com 9725772658
7 Dr. Harsh Shanishwara S.R dr.harsh.shani@gmail.com 7990044388
8 Dr. Divam Gandhi S.R gandhidivam@gmail.com 9654543978
9 Dr. Akash Kherana S.R akashkherana@gmail.com 7874702995
10 Dr. Krunal Rathod R3 krunalrathod@gmail.com 9998977055
11 Dr. Mrudul Patel R3 softy.patel@yahoo.com 9904848844
12 Dr. Hardik Ponkya R3 harpatel@gmail.com 8460498403
13 Dr. Jay Makadia R3 jmmakadia1990@gmail.com 9825542232
14 Dr. Manoj Bhuktar R3 drmanojbhuktar@gmail.com 9970103543
15 Dr. Dhruv B. Patel R3 drdhruvhpatel@gmail.com 966206425
16 Dr. Devanshu Kalra R3 drdevanshu@gmail.com 9408685947
17 Dr. Parth Jani R3 knowmareparth@gmail.com 8866445842
18 Dr. Chirag Kakadiya R3 kakadiya1990@gmail.com 9909606132
19 Dr. Neet Chotai  R3 neet.chotai149@gmail.com 8238044982
20 Dr. Pragnesh Gavit R3 drpragnesh2103@gmail.com 9727943574
21 Dr. Rishabh Handa R3 rishabhhanda@gmail.com 9427787854
22 Dr. Kamlesh Patel R3 drkamleshr@gmail.com 9408830942
23 Dr. Dixit Prajapati R3 dixitprajapati72@gmail.com 9924323672
24 Dr. Prashant Nanavati R2 248ganesh@gmail.com 9925240432
25 Dr. Dhwani Shah R2 dhvany.a.ashah@gmail.com 9909914889
26 Dr. Divyang Chavda R2 divyangchavda1234@gmail.com 9974600764
27 Dr. Arpit Jaiswal R2 drarpitjayswal@hotmail.com 8980015622
28 Dr. Rahul Gupta R2 Rhigupta396@gmail.com 9033125268
29 Dr. Ankush Puri R2 ankushpuri2008@gmail.com 8980809043
30 Dr. Ridham Shah R2 drryshah@gmail.com 8401301447
31 Dr. Mineshkumar Sindhal R2 mineshsindhal@gmail.com 9909231512
32 Dr. Akshay Sutaria R2 axaysutaria14@gmail.com 8238102026
33 Dr. Arnab Sarkar R2 sarkar.arnab14@gmail.com 9016736121
34 Dr. Vishal Bhabhor R2 bhabhorvishal33@gmail.com 7600543424
35 Dr. Pritesh Yadav R2 priteshyadav710@gmail.com 9429829100
36 Dr. Kunal Parikh  R2 kunal.parikh07@gmail.com 9727413223
37 Dr. Mishal Patel R2 contactmishal@gmail.com 8866678830
38 Dr. Samarth Gupta R2 samarth.4@gmail.com 9727777026
39 Dr. Harshit S.Patel R1 hsp.psh16@gmail.com 9978306391
40 Dr. Rahul Damor R1 rahuldamorj@gmail.com 9998850226
41 Dr. Partha Ranjan R1 partha.ranjan.biswas@gmail.com 7890556077
42 Dr. Sarav Shah R1 SARAVCSHAH@HOTMAIL.COM 9586877277
43 Dr. Karan Patel R1 karan_patel1989@yahoo.com 9408446583
44 Dr. Mayur Rupavat R1 mayur.rupavat90@gmail.com 9860017051
45 Dr. Jignasa Rathva  R1 jignasajrathava@gmail.com 9537607877
46 Dr. Yash Patel R1 yashpatel2212@gmail.com 7567557597
47 Dr. Arun R R1 dr.r.arunmbbs@gmail.com 9884185092
48 Dr. Pooja Shah R1 poojaprodiy@gmail.com 9727916690
49 Dr. Sahdevsinh Chauhan R1 sahdevchauhan50@gmail.com 9033790338
50 Dr. Anil Dalal R1 coolanil909@gmail.com 9466434966
51 Dr. Rachanna Desai R1 rachanadesai@gmail.com 9687510850
52 Dr. Hamikchandra Patel R1 rajpatelkk26@gmail.com 9510626440
53 Dr. Ronak Kadia R1 kadia_ronak@yahoo.com 9558819493








Seminars- 34,
Journal Presentation- 34,
Dissertation Reading 34
Death Audits- 15,
Endo Training sessions - 10




                                                                UNIT WISE STAFF COMPOSITION

 Ward Name of the Teacher Unit OPD & Emergency OT
Dr. Dipesh D. Duttaroy (HOU)
Dr. Ankur Kothari
Dr. Hitesh Patel
A Monday Tuesday
Dr. Adeesh P. Jain (HOU)
Dr. Ritesh Patel
Dr. Hardik Parmar
B Tuesday Wednesday
Dr. Nimish J. Shah (HOU)
Dr. Bhavin Patel
Dr. Manoj Vasava
C Wednesday Thursday
Dr. D. K. Shah (HOU)
Dr. Sushil Damor
Dr. Dimple Patel
D Thursday Friday
Dr. Samir Kacheriwala (HOU)
Dr. Jayesh Gohel
Dr. Mihir K. Shah
E Friday Saturday
Dr. Anis Vohra (HOU)
Dr. Sandeep Rao
Dr. Manish Baria
F Saturday Monday
Dr. Amul Bhedi (HOU)
Dr. Umesh Vaishnav
Dr. Jitendra Tadpada
G Saturday Monday






Research Publications

1. Kirti Garude, Chetan Tandel, Sandeep Rao, Nimish J. Shah : Single Layered Intestinal Anastomosis: A Safe and Economic Technique , Indian J. Surg. Vol. 75, Number 4,July-August 2013 Page 290-293

2.Dipen Patel,Nimish J. Shah, Bhavin Patel, Mital Parikh, Digant Patel, Chirag Dalal : Evaluation Of Hyperbilirubinemia As a New Diagnostic Marker For Acute Appendicitis And Its Role In The Prediction Of Complicated Appendicitis , International Journal of Research in Medicine, Vol. 3 Issue 3 July-Sept. 2014 Page 28-33

3. Chirag V. Dalal, Nimish J. Shah : Effect of Dexamethasone on Early Postoperative Symptoms in Patients Undergoing Elective Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy,  A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study, International J. Of Current Medical And Applied Sciences. Vol. 2 Issue 2,2014 Page 12-19

4. Osman B.Belim,  Nimish. J. Shah, Milind Patil : Comparative Study of Preservation versus Elective division of ileo Inguinal Nerve in Open Repair of Inguinal Hernia , , International J. Of Current Medical And Applied Sciences. Vol. 2 Issue 3,2014 Page 14-21

5. Belim OB, Shah NJ, Patil MV, Pasi B : Comparision of Retroperitoneal & Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Nephrectomy in Management of Pyonephrosis in Terms of Conversion to Open Surgery, Int. J. of Medical Research and Review, Vol. 2, Issue 6, Nov.-Dec. 2014, Page 578-584.

6.Pratik M. Parekh, Nimish J. Shah, Pokhraj Prakashchandra Suthar, Devang H. Patel, Chetan Mehta, Hitesh D. Tadvi  : Bacteriological analysis of bile in cholecystectomy patients. Int J Res Med Sci. 2015 Nov;3(11):3091-3096  

7. Jitendra B Bhadoria, Nimish Shah : Effect of Prosthetic Mesh in Laparoscopic Hernia Repair and Lichtenstein Procedure on Testicular Blood Flow in Patients with Inguinal Hernia. Journal Of Medical Science And Clinical Research Vol. 04,Issue 09, Page 13434-13440, September 2016

8. H.M.Patel,M.J.Shah,D.D.Duttaroy, S.M. Kacheriwala, S.J. Patel , R.M. Patel, Superiority of octyl-2 cyanoacrylate over polyamide black for surgical site incisions. Prospective randomized trial. Surg Chron 2013; 18(3): 139-143.

9. Samir Kacheriwala, Nikita Bhatt, Dipesh D. Duttaroy, Umang B. Kothari. Primary   Renal Synovial Sarcoma: “A Rare Pathological Entity?”  Surg Chron 2013; 18(1): 37-39.

10.  Nandish D J, Saxena A K, Jain A P, Patel R. Ectopic Spleen presenting as a hypogastric mass : a diagnostic dilemma. - Ind. Res. Comm. Vol.5(1): 75-76(2011)(ISSN:0973-9661)

11.  Jain A P, Nandish D J, Saxena A K, Patel R: Open TEP – A new approach for inguinal Hernia repair. – Ind. Res. Comm. Vol.5 (1): 42-46(2011) (ISSN:0973-9661)

12. Bhedi A, Saxena A K, Gadani R, Patel R: Digital photography And Transparency based method for measuring of wound surface area- Indian Journal of Surgery (28 March 2012), pp. 1-4, doi:10.1007/s12262-012-0422

13. Vazquez JA, Patzán LD, Stricklin D, Duttaroy DD, Kreidly Z, Lipka J, Sable C. Efficacy and safety of ceftazidime-avibactam versus imipenem-cilastatin in the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections, including acute pyelonephritis, in hospitalized adults: results of a prospective, investigator-blinded, randomized study. Curr Med Res Opin. 2012. [Epub ahead of print]  PMID:23145859

14. Patel  HM, Vasava MA, Kacheriwala SM, Duttaroy DD ,Patel SJ, Patel RK. Superiority of pre-emptive analgesia with instillation of 0.5% bupivacaine for laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Int J Res Med. 2013; 2(4);60-64. ISSN:2320-2742

15.Rishabh Shah,D.K.Shah et al: Spontaneous  diaphragmatic hernia-A case report and review of Literature, SM surgery journal published February 24,2017

16.Hemil patel,Piyush Patel,D.K.Shah: Relaparotomy in general surgery department of  tertiary care hospital of western India, international surgery journal 2017 jan 4(1), vol 4 issue 1.

17.Parth vaghela, Dharmendra shah: Spontaneous small bowel evisceration through vagina with uterine prolapse: A case report with review of literature , SM surgery journal published ,nov 2 , 2015.

18. Parth Vagela,Dharmendra Shah:Unusal case of spontaneous non traumatic splenic hematoma in sickle cell and beta thalasemia :A case report and review of literature ,surg. chron.2016;21(1),34-36

19.Devang Patel,Dharmendra Shah et al: Routine versus early nasogastric decompression in gastrointestinal surgery,randomize control trial: International journal of research in medical science 2015,nov 3(1)

20.Jagrut Patel,Dharmendra Shah,Mihir Shah : Bilioma due to blunt abdominal trauma,surg. chron. 2015;20(2);280-282

21.Nikita Rolekar,Dharmendra Shah: Recurrent cystic lymphangioma of neck in an adult : A case report of rare entity :international journal of medical science and public health 2014/vol 3/issue 2.

22.Dr Krushnakumar G Virda1, Dr Amul Bhedi2: A Prospective Study of Alteration in Liver Function Test after Laparoscopic Surgeries JMSCR VOL 04 ISSUE 09  SEPT 2017

 23.Dr Amul Bhedi, Dr Sushil Damor, Dr Arnab Sarkar Inguinal Hernia Repair: Comparison of Local Anaesthesia and Spinal Anaesthesia JMSCR VOL 05 ISSUE 01  JAN.2017

 24.Dr Pragnesh Gavit, Dr Amul Bhedi, Dr Sushil Damor, Dr Arnab Sarkar Comparative Study of Stoppa’s Repair by Pfannensteil Incision Versus Lichtenstein Technique for Management of Bilateral Inguinal Hernia JMSCR VOL 05 ISSUE 01  JAN.2017 



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