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The Department of MEDICINE, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to patients with a multitude of medical problems, across the range of internal medicine and its various subspecialities.

The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine.

The outpatient department operates from OPD-18 located on the ground floor on the common OPD building. The OPD includes a daily general medical OPD besides various speciality clinics viz. cardiology, neurology, and diabetic clinic running on designated days in a week. The ART (Anti retroviral therapy ) center also via OPD 26.

The indoor admissions are made to wards , located 1 through 6 (for male patients) and wards 7, 8 and 12 (for female patients) in a separate complex. The department receives patient referral from nearing districts of central and south Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

The indoor facility of the department also includes specially designated Intensive Care Units- both medical (MICU) and cardiac (ICCU)- 12 bedded each. The units are having state-of-the-art ventilators, both invasive and non invasive, multipara cardiac monitors, and invasive hemodynamic monitoring, defibrillators, blood gas analysers and the like.

A separate Nephrology unit has facilities for both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis round the clock. The medical service also extends to the trauma center, where emergency medical patients are treated, as also in emergency ward(ward 20), a 15-bedded intensive therapy unit.

Both the ICCU and MICU would be shifting to the newly constructed building near the physiotherapy college known as the ‘Superspeciality Building’.

"Separate isolation ward for management of patients of highly communicable diseases( like e.g. Swine flu ) is available."

Existing Staff Detail (All current Faculties and Resident)

Sr. No. Name of Faculties Designation Joining Date  E-mail ID
1 Dr.S.K.Trivedi Prof. & Head 18.4.2017
2 Dr.Rupal V. Dosi Professor 24.5.2016 
3 Dr.M.C.Parmar Professor(Additional) 26.4.2016
4 Dr.Minal Shastri Professor(Additional) 24.5.2016
5 Dr.Jaya Pathak Associate Professor 12.4.2017
6 Dr.Ajay Dabhi Associate Professor 24.5.2016 
7 Dr.Archana Gandhi Associate Professor 2.6.2015
8 Dr.Himanshu Rana Associate Professor 1.8.2019
9 Dr.Krutik Brahmbhatt Associate Professor 16.5.2017
10 Dr. Vaishali Patel  Associate Professor 12.4.2017 
11 Dr.Aniruddh Ambaliya Assistant Professor 9.5.2017
12 Dr.Narendra Uma Assistant Professor 12.4.2017
13 Dr.Keyur Brahme Assistant Professor 12.4.2017
14 Dr.Varsha Patel  Assistant Professor 12.4.2017
15 Dr.Krupa Pathak Assistant Professor 6.5.2015
16 Dr.Jignesh Vasava Assistant Professor 24.5.2016
17 Dr. Dhwani Thakkar Assistant Professor 2.11.2018
18 Dr. Dushyant Patel Assistant Professor 4.11.2019


Non Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Gauri Rana ECG Technician 
2 Roshani Bhagora ECG Technician 
3 Krishna Patel ECG Technician 
4 PruthvirajSing Zala EEG Technician
5 Makwana Chhaya DEO/ Cum Clerk
6 Bhavesh Solanki DEO-OPD-18
7 Shusilaben Umratkar Class-4
8 Hanshaben Solanki Class-4



Sr. No. Name Designation Joining Date
1 Dr. Harikrushana Prajapati Senior Resident (SR) 26.11.2018
2 Dr. Arpana Vasava Senior Resident (SR) 26.11.2018
3 Dr.Nauka Shah Senior Resident (SR) 1.6.2019
4 Dr.Ani Shah Senior Resident (SR) 1.6.2019
5 Dr.Vaidahi Patel Senior Resident (SR) 1.6.2019
6 Dr.Jayshree Gamit Senior Resident (SR) 1.6.2019
7 Dr.Hardik Modi Senior Resident (SR) 1.6.2019
8 Dr. Bansri Mistry Senior Resident (SR) 9.9.2019
9 Dr.Vikranti Sailor Junior Resident (JR) 18.5.2017
10 Dr.Kesar Prajapati Junior Resident (JR) 20.5.2017
11 Dr. Arunlala K. Junior Resident (JR) 3.5.2017
12 Dr. Sangvikar Kamalapati  Junior Resident (JR) 4.5.2017
13 Dr.Kosha Patel  Junior Resident (JR) 20.5.2017
14 Dr.Nisarg Desai Junior Resident (JR) 4.5.2017
15 Dr.Gaurang Patel Junior Resident (JR) 22.5.2017
16 Dr.Vishakha Vinod Junior Resident (JR) 8.5.2017
17 Dr.Heti Mistry Junior Resident (JR) 18.5.2017
18 Dr.Renuka Vasava Junior Resident (JR) 20.5.2017
19 Dr.Aakash Shah Junior Resident (JR) 9.5.2017
20 Dr.Neha Patil Junior Resident (JR) 8.5.2017
21 Dr.Hinal Rathod Junior Resident (JR) 8.5.2017
22 Dr.Paresh Ladumor Junior Resident (JR) 22.5.2017
23 Dr. Priyanka Prajapati Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
24 Dr. Hitesh Judal Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
25 Dr. Mehul Chaudhary Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
26 Dr. Nayan Gavli Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
27 Dr. Juhi Ardeshna Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
28 Dr. Nishant Sinsinwar Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
29 Dr. Neet Lakhani Junior Resident (JR) 11.5.2018
30 Dr. Utsav Ghetia Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
31 Dr. Saif ali saiyed Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
32 Dr. Vama Agrawal Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
33 Dr. Jinit Soni Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
34 Dr. Kaushal Patel Junior Resident (JR) 11.5.2018
35 Dr. Smeet Bhavsar Junior Resident (JR) 11.5.2018
36 Dr. Rohan Jobanputra Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
37 Dr. Sanjay Rathwa Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
38 Dr. Prayag Pandya Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
39 Dr. Maulik Kaneria Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
40 Dr. Neel Shah Junior Resident (JR) 11.5.2018
41 Dr. Sapan Shah Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
42 Dr. Darshan Mevada Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
43 Dr. Pinkal Prajapati Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2018
44 Dr. Nilam Gabani Junior Resident (JR) 7.5.2018
45 Dr. Mitul Bhalodiya Junior Resident (JR) 14.5.2018
46 Dr. Dipen Rajpura Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
47 Dr. Stuti Patel Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
48 Dr. Shukla Pranjal Junior Resident (JR) 8.5.2019
49 Dr. Mahesh Chavda Junior Resident (JR) 2.5.19
50 Dr. Kshitij Lochab Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
51 Dr. Bishal Sharma Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
52 Dr. Akshay Soni Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
53 Dr. Nehal Gohil Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
54 Dr. Suryaprakash Yadav Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
55 Dr. Pankti Bhatt Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
56 Dr. Neha Sharma Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
57 Dr. Maitree Modi Junior Resident (JR) 8.5.2019
58 Dr. Suketu Dave Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
59 Dr. Raj Vekaria Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
60 Dr. Vaishnavi Rathod Junior Resident (JR) 6.5.2019
61 Dr. Darshan Raval Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
62 Dr. Palak Patel Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
63 Dr. Anjali Patel Junior Resident (JR) 6.5.2019
64 Dr. Prajwal Bathula Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
65 Dr. Shreya Mahajan Junior Resident (JR) 2.5.2019
66 Dr. Mandal Mrinmoy Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
67 Dr. Anjana Rathwa Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
68 Dr. Bharat Chaudhary Junior Resident (JR) 6.5.2019
69 Dr. Chandravadan Pandya Junior Resident (JR) 1.5.2019
70 Dr. Krunal Gamit Junior Resident (JR) 2.5.2019




ART (Anti retroviral therapy) centre:

The ART centre is run by the department of medicine since 21st January, 2009 in OPD 26 on the first floor of the common OPD building. Around 5798 patients are enrolled in the centre, one of the largest in Gujarat. Dr Mahendra Parmar, Professor, is presently working as the Nodal Officer of the ART centre. ART centre has average daily OPD of about 270 patients .


Dialysis unit at SSG Hospital under department of Medicine is functional since 1991.Presently there are 11 hemodialysis machines in the unit with average 20 dialysis sessions per day



1 UNIT A (MONDAY) Dr. S.K.Trivedi  Dr. Bansari Mistry(SR)
(Prof. & Head) Dr. Aakash Shah (JR3)
Dr. Archana Gandhi (Asso. Prof.) Dr. Neha Patil (JR3)
Dr. Krupa Pathak  Dr. Maulik Kaneria(JR2)
(Asst. Prof.) Dr. Neel Shah(JR2)
  Dr. Sapan Shah(JR2)
  Dr. Darshan Mevada(JR2)
  Dr. Palak Patel(JR 1)
  Dr. Anjali Patel(JR 1)
  Dr. Prajwal Bathula(JR 1)
  Dr. Shreya Mahajan(JR 1)
2 UNIT B (TUESDAY) Dr. Minal Shastri (Prof.) Dr. Vaidehi  Patel(SR)
Dr. Varsha Patel Dr. Vishakha  Vinod (JR3)
 (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Heti  Mistry (JR3)
Dr. Dhwani Thakkar (Asst6. Prof.) Dr. Smeet Bhavsar(JR2)
  Dr. Prayag Pandya (JR2)
  Dr. Sanjay Rathwa (JR2)
  Dr. Nayan Gavli (JR2)
  Dr. Suketu Dave(JR1)
  Dr. Raj Vekaria(JR1)
  Dr. Vaishnavi Rathod(JR1)
  Dr. Darshan Raval(JR1)
3 UNIT C (WEDNESDAY) Dr. R.V.Dosi (Prof.) Dr. Arpana Vasava (SR)
Dr. Himanshu Rana  Dr. Nisarg  Desai (JR3)
(Asso. Prof.) Dr. Gaurang  Patel (JR3)
Dr. Aniruddh Ambaliya (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Saif Ali Saiyed (JR2)
  Dr. Vama Agrawal (JR2)
  Dr. Jinit Soni (JR2)
  Dr  Kaushal Patel (JR2)
  Dr. Suryaprakash Yadav(JR1)
  Dr. Pankti Bhatt(JR1)
  Dr. Neha Sharma(JR1)
  Dr. Maitree Modi(JR1)
4 UNIT D (THURSDAY) Dr. Jaya Pathak   Dr. Nauka  Shah (SR)
(Asso. Prof.) Dr. Vikranti  Saikri (JR2)
Dr. Narendra Uma  Dr. Kesar  Prajapati (JR2)
(Asst. Prof.) Dr. Priyanka Prajapati (JR1)
  Dr. Hitesh Judal (JR1)
  Dr. Mehul Chaudhary (JR1)
  Dr. Dipen Rajpura(JR 1)
  Dr. Stuti Patel(JR 1)
  Dr. Shukla Pranjal(JR 1)
  Dr. Mahesh Chavda(JR 1)
5 UNIT E (FRIDAY) Dr. M.C.Parmar (Prof.) Dr.Hardik Modi (SR)
  Dr. Arunlal (JR3)
Dr. Keyur Brahme  Dr.Kosha Patel (JR3) 
(Asst. Prof.) Dr. Juhi Ardeshna(JR2)
  Dr. Nishant Sinsinwar(JR2)
  Dr. Kshitij Lochab(JR1)
  Dr. Bishal Sharma(JR1)
6 UNIT F  (FRIDAY) Dr. A.S.Dabhi  Dr. Jayshree Gamit (SR)
(Asso. Prof.) Dr. Kamalapati (JR3)
  Dr. Neet Lakhani(JR2)
Dr. Dushyant Patel Dr. Utsav Ghetia(JR2)
(Asst. Prof.) Dr. Akshay Soni(JR1)
  Dr. Nehal Gohil(JR1)
7 UNIT G (SATURDAY) Dr. Krutik Brahmbhatt (Asso. Prof.) Dr. Harikrushna Prajapati (SR)
Dr. Jignesh Vasava Dr. Hinal Rathod (JR3)
 (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Renuka  Vasava(JR3)
  Dr. Nilam Gabani(JR2)
  Dr. Mandal Mrinmoy (JR1)
  Dr,Krunal Gamit(JR1)
8 UNIT H (SATURDAY) Dr. Vaishali Patel  Dr. Ani Shah(SR)
(Asso. Prof.) Dr. Paresh  Ladumore (JR3)
  Dr. Pinkal Prajapati(JR2)
Dr. Jignesh Vasava Dr. Mitul Bhalodiya(JR2)
 (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Bharat Chaudhary (JR1)
  Dr. Chandravadan Pandya(JR1) 
  Dr.Anjana Rathwa (JR1)


  Department Time Table

Under Graduate
( Theory Lectures )

IInd Term Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 
IIIrd  Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Friday 
IVth  Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Tuesday 
Vth Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm   Saturday 

1) Bedside teaching and demonstration of clinical signs and case presentation in wards
- Time: 8:00 to 9:00 am – History taking and self learning
- 9:00 to 10:00 am – Bedside lecture by resident doctor
- 10:00 to 11:00am - Bedside lecture by consultant

2) Term Posting - Course

1st  Clinical Term

10 weeks

History taking with common symptoms and general examination

2nd  Clinical Term

8 weeks

Systemic Examination

3rd Clinical Term

10 weeks

Diagnosis, Investigation and management of common medical problems

3) Practical examination is taken at the end of each clinical term and internals are calculated based on these marks.
4) Under graduate students have to fulfill 80% criteria of presence for them to qualify to appear for Final MBBS Exams.
5) 1st internal theory exam is taken at the end of IIIrd clinical theory lecture schedule (term)
- Preliminary theory exam is taken at the end of Vth theory lecture term/ schedule. (just before Part-2 Final MBBS Exam)
- Internal marks are calculated on the bases of these theory exams.

Post Graduate Teaching
• Teaching Schedule
1) Case presentation of common clinical cases on Monday 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
2) Two Case presentations of unusual and rare cases on Thursday 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
3) Assignment presentation on Wednesday between 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
4) Bed side clinical teaching during morning ward rounds
5) Every PG is allotted a Topic- for thesis on which work is started after clearance from IECHR submitted before final exam.
6) Final exams of the PGs, are taken at the End of 3 years, which comprises of both theory exam (4 papers) and practical exams.

PG  Clinical Posting

1) Ist year- 6 Months in male and female wards by rotation.
2) IInd year- Posted in Neurology/Nephrology, ICU and ICCU for 4 months each by rotation. Posted in casualty on Emergency day.
3) IIIrd year- Posted in male and female wards by rotation.
• Attend OPD and specialty clinics on their respective days.
• Attend medical camps in rural and urban areas.


1. A study of prevalence of diabetic Nephropnthly in recently detected cases of type-2 Diabetes mellitus with special emphebis on hypertension, hyperdwles terolemia and obesity International journal of Advances in medicine (IJAM) March- April 2018 vol-5 Issue-2 page -351-355. Dr. Vitan Patel, Dr. Minal Shastri, Dr. Nisha Gaur, Dr. Prutha Jinwala, Dr. Abhishek Kadam.

2. Acute Viral Hepatitis and its associationwith Lipid Profile. International Journal of Scientific Research.Vol 7/ Issue2/ Feb 2018. Jaya Pathak, Nibha Jain, Iti Parikh.

3. Cerebrospinal Fluid C-reactive Protein and Adenosine Deaminase levels in the differential diagnosis of Meningitis in Adults. IJCMR Vol 5/ Issue 3/ March 2018. Jaya Pathak, Smit Seth , Zeal Thakkar

4. Gall Bladder Wall thickness as a Marker of Portal Hypertension in Patients of Alcoholic Cirrhosis of Liver. Int J Res Med. 2017;6(4):52-58. Jaya Pathak, Shivangi Gharia, Zeal Thakkar

5. Clinical Profile of patients of Alcoholic Cirrhosis of Liver in a tertiary Care Hospital of Gujarat. IJSR Vol 7/ Issue 1/ Jan 2018. Jaya Pathak, Shivangi Gharia, Kesar Prajapati.

6. Dysnatremia in cardiac failure. International journal of medicine research vol 3/issue 2/april 2018/page 93-96. Aeshal parmar, rupal dosi, r raghapriya

7. Obesity markers and its association with end-organ dysfunctions among patients with metabolic syndrome in Western India, Original article,International Journal of Research in Medicine July-September2017Volume 6 Issue 4;4-8. Gandhi Archana U, Shrivastava P., Patel S. V, Joshi C. C.

8. Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy In Relation To Cardiovascular Reflex Tests and QTc Prolongation In Diabetes Mellitus, Original article,National journal of integrated research in Medicine July-August 2017; 8(4): 68-72. Gandhi Archana U, Patel Hiren P, Patel SangitaV, Kadam Abhishek Y, ParmarVidhi M

9. A study of changes in lead avr in acute coronary syndrome. International journal of medicine research. Vol 3/ issue 2/ april 2018/page32-34. Ayush Jain, Mahendra Parmar

10. A study of mean platelet volume in ischemic Cerebrovascular stroke.International Journal of Advances in Medicine.vol 5/ issue 2/march-april 2018.Vitan Patel, Mahendra Parmar, Kinjal Shah, Rishikesh Joshi.

11. Glycemic status at the time of presentation in acute organophosphorous poisoning and its correlation with severity and clinical outcome,JAPI,Original articleAugust 2018,volume66,page18-22. R.Raghapriya,Rupal V Dosi,Aeshal Parmar

12. Study of clinical profile of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in type-2 diabetes mellitus. Dr. Smita K. Tivedi, Dr. Krupa Pathak, Dr. Abhishek Kadam Internation Journal of Medicine research.ISSN: 2455-7404, Vol.3; Issue-4; October 2018; Page No. 09-13.

13. Clinical profile and outcome in critically ill patients with respiratory failure on invasive ventilator. Shastri Minal, Varsha Patel, Pandya Karan, Banker Sachi, Ashish International Journal of Medicine Research ISSN 2455-1404 vol-3 issue-4 Oct 2018 page 25-30.

14. Non invasive measurement of Right ventricular function in Pulmonary Hypertension: Study from A tertiary care center in Gujarat. Dr. Smita Trivedi, Dr. Thanky Aditi, Dr. Gandhi Archana U. NJIRM,Vol.9 (6). No. Dec 2018 eISSN:0975-9840 pLSSN-2230-9969.

15. Clinical and etiological profile of heart failure. Dr. Krupa Pathak, Dr. Bansary Mistry, Dr. Smita K. Trivedi. Vol.6 No. 2, 2019 International Journal of Advances in Medicine. IJAM 20191156.



1st prize Quiz APGCON 2017, 23-24 December  Dr. Rishikesh Joshi, Dr. Raghapriya R.
1st Winner Paper Presentation “Cardiac Autonomic neuropathy in relation to cardiovascular reflex tests and QTC prolongation in DM at APGCON 2017 December.  Dr. Abhishek Kadam
1st prize in poster presentation on ‘Adult onset Langerhans cell histiocytosis as a rare cause of headache’ at APGCON 40. Dr. Prutha Jinwala
All India Intercollegiate Dr. S.D. Deodhar  Post Graduate Rheumatology Quiz held at NHL medical college Ahmedabad on 30/09/2018 and have qualified for the Zonal round. Dr. Nauka Shah and Dr. Vaidehi Patel  won the regional round 
1st prize Paper Presentation APGCON 2018. Dr. Rujuta Parikh
3rd position, RSSDI Diabetes Quiz 2018.  Dr. Bahaar Athawale and Dr. Harsh Gandhi
1st prize Quiz APGCON 2018. Dr. Neenu Alexander and Dr. Jivitesh Satija
JIC QUIZ,2018 1st prize Dr.Jivitesh Satija
Poster award at international Vasculitis meet at PGI Chandigarh April 2018 Dr. Nibhai Jain

Free Access Journal List

1. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology
2. Annals of Thoracic Medicine
3. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
4. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research
5. Gujarat Medical Journal
6. Indian Dermatology Online Journal
7. Indian Journal of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
8. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice
9. Indian Journal of Community Medicine
10. Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine
11. Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism
12. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology
13. Indian Journal of Human Genetics
14. Indian Journal of Nephrology
15. Indian Journal of Occupational and Enviornmental Medicine
16. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis
17. International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health
18. Journal of Indian Rheumatology Association
19. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine
20. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
21. Medical Journal Armed Forces India
22. Scholars' Research Journal
23. The Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences
24. Asian Journal of Transfusion Science
25. Indian Journal of Medical Research
26. Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging
27. Indian Journal of Medical Research
28. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries
29. Open Tropical Medicine Journal
30. Hematology online (ASH)
31. The Internet Journal of Gastroenterology
32. Circulation Journal
33. Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal
34. BMC Neurology
35. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
36. The Internet Journal of Neurology
37. Neurology India
38. Journal of Medicine


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