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About Department

The Department of MEDICINE, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to patients with a multitude of medical problems, across the range of internal medicine and its various subspecialities.

The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Internal Medicine.

The outpatient department operates from OPD-18 located on the ground floor on the common OPD building. The OPD includes a daily general medical OPD besides various speciality clinics viz. cardiology, neurology, and diabetic clinic running on designated days in a week. The ART (Anti retroviral therapy ) center also via OPD 26.

The indoor admissions are made to wards , located 1 through 6 (for male patients) and wards 7, 8 and 12 (for female patients) in a separate complex. The department receives patient referral from nearing districts of central and south Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

The indoor facility of the department also includes specially designated Intensive Care Units- both medical (MICU) and cardiac (ICCU)- 12 bedded each. The units are having state-of-the-art ventilators, both invasive and non invasive, multipara cardiac monitors, and invasive hemodynamic monitoring, defibrillators, blood gas analysers and the like.

A separate Nephrology unit has facilities for both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis round the clock. The medical service also extends to the trauma center, where emergency medical patients are treated, as also in emergency ward(ward 20), a 15-bedded intensive therapy unit.

Both the ICCU and MICU would be shifting to the newly constructed building near the physiotherapy college known as the ‘Superspeciality Building’.

"Separate isolation ward for management of patients of highly communicable diseases( like e.g. Swine flu ) is available."

Existing Staff Detail (All current Faculties and Resident)

Sr. No. Name of Faculties Designation Contact No.  E-mail ID
1 Dr.Rupal V. Dosi Professor 9824083734 rupal265@yahoo.com 
2 Dr.M.C.Parmar Professor 9824326550 mcparmar1961@gmail.com
3 Dr.Minal Shastri Professor 9879751423 pratikminal10@gmail.com
4 Dr.Ajay Dabhi Associate Professor 9898151097 dr_ajay_44@yahoo.co.on 
5 Dr.Archana Gandhi Associate Professor 9376224817 draug20@gmail.com
6 Dr.Tinkal Patel Associate Professor 9898713223 pateltinkal@yahoo.com
7 Dr.Ashvin Vasava Associate Professor 987984442 ahvasava@gmail.com
8 Dr.Krupa Pathak Assistant Professor 9601670377 himkrupa@gmail.com
9 Dr.Jignesh Vasava Assistant Professor 9586989650 jignesh16482@gmail.com
10 Dr.Vitan Patel Assistant Professor 9825595902 vitan92@yahoo.co.in 
11 Dr.Nikhil Palrecha Assistant Professor 9099633311 nik_pal@yahoo.com



Sr. No. Name  Designation Contact No.  E-mail ID
1 Dr.Parth Shaneshwar Senior Resident 9924552928 Parth_shani1989@yahoo.com
2 Dr.Hiren Patel ” 9427579024 drhppatel03@yahoo.com
3 Dr.Dhwani Thakkar ” 9909925546 dhwani.thakar@gmail.com
4 Dr.Varoon Vadodariya ” 9714430239 vadodariavaroonj@gmail.com
5 Dr. Nimisha Patelia ” 9909958316 nimmyapateliya@gmail.com
6 Dr.Dnyaneshwar Maghde ” 9825408438 dnyaneshmaghade@gmail.com
7 Dr.Sukruti Dave R3 9601284368 drsukruti@gmail.com
8 Dr.Komal Rana ” 9724247747 dr.komalrana_1990@gmail.com
9 Dr.Ujjaval Patel ” 9925467767 ujjval.patel910@gmail.com
10 Dr.Pooma Shah ” 9429111616 pps_1490@rediffmail.com
11 Dr.Kinjal Shah ” 7574804707 kinju156@gmail.com
12 Dr.Milind Chuadhari ” 9033081055 milindbj51783@gmail.com
13 Dr.Tikal Kansara ” 9426807182 tikalkansara@gmail.com
14 Dr.Ruchir Gohil ” 9427742961 Ruchir30790@gmail.com
15 Dr.Sonal Patel ” 7567755521 drsonal7570@gamil.com
16 Dr.Bhavin Patel ” 9428643244 drbjpatel1990@gmail.com
17 Dr.Shivangi Ghariya ” 9033495737 ghariashivangi@ymail.com
18 Dr.Vankatesh Harale ” 9028941781 drvenkatesh1991@gmail.com
19 Dr.Abhishek Kadam R2 9537509862 abhisheak.kadam@gmail.com
20 Dr.Shreya Bhagat ” 9879644841 bhagatshreya23@gmail.com
21 Dr.Bansari Mistry ” 9979585131 bansari.mistry@gmail.com 
22 Dr.Harikrushan Prajapati ” 8140610810 dr.hkprajapati25@gmail.com
23 Dr.Ami Jhala ” 7878019496 amij2510@gmail.com
24 Dr.Pruth Jinwala ” 9725704691 prutha.jinwala@yahoo.com
25 Dr.Rishikesh Joshi ” 9422928607 rshjo07@gmail.com
26 Dr.Vaibhavi Pancholi ” 8980290224 pv7azure@gmail.com
27 Dr.Kaushal Chaudhary ” 9429922902 kaushalchaudhari07@gmail.com
28 Dr.Aeshal Parmar ” 9904220744 aeshal.6@gmail.com
29 Dr.Arpana Vasava ” 9428322001 apusmile4u@gmail.com
30 Dr.Raghapriya R. ” 9481722849 raghapariyar@gmail.com
31 Dr.Iti Parikh ” 9638360453 itiparikh@yahoo.com
32 Dr.Saurabh Hadke ” 9638739455 saurabh00105@gmail.com
33 Dr.Rujuta Parikh R1 9427475822 rujutaparikh1992@gmail.com
34 Dr.Harsh Gandhi ” 9426845977 harshgandhi345@gmail.com
35 Dr.Jayshree Gamit ” 9429950754 jayshree.gamit25@gmail.com
36 Dr.Hardik Modi   9662058853 dr.hardikmodi@gmail.com
37 Dr.Tejas Amin ” 9979371872 tejasamin@yahoo.com
38 Dr.Ani Shah ” 9723454773 anishah471@gmail.com
39 Dr.Jivitesh Satija ” 9538809125 jiviteshsatija@gmail.com
40 Dr.Vaidahi Patel ” 9408344242 vaidehi1420@gmail.com
41 Dr.Himali Patel ” 9558960029 sancharika1992@gmail.com
42 Dr.Neenu Alexander ” 9427449165 neenualexander@gmail.com
43 Dr.Sanket Bhandari ” 8087886005 sanketzbhandari@gmail.com
44 Dr.Nauka Shah ” 9724282321 naukashah1992@gmail.com
45 Dr.Bahaar Shirish Athavale ” 9920778734 duchess229@gmail.com



Department Time Table
Under Graduate
( Theory Lectures )

IInd Term Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 
IIIrd  Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Friday 
IVth  Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm Tuesday 
Vth Time: 11:30 to 12:30 pm  Saturday 

1) Bedside teaching and demonstration of clinical signs and case presentation in wards
- Time: 8:00 to 9:00 am – History taking and self learning
- 9:00 to 10:00 am – Bedside lecture by resident doctor
- 10:00 to 11:00am - Bedside lecture by consultant

2) Term Posting - Course

1st  Clinical Term 10 weeks History taking with common symptoms and general examination
2nd  Clinical Term 8 weeks Systemic Examination 
3rd Clinical Term 10 weeks Diagnosis, Investigation and management of common medical problems

3 Practical examination is taken at the end of each clinical term and internals are calculated based on these marks.
4) Under graduate students have to fulfill 80% criteria of presence for them to qualify to appear for Final MBBS Exams.
5) 1st internal theory exam is taken at the end of IIIrd clinical theory lecture schedule (term)
- Preliminary theory exam is taken at the end of Vth theory lecture term/ schedule. (just before Part-2 Final MBBS Exam)
- Internal marks are calculated on the bases of these theory exams.

Post Graduate Teaching
• Teaching Schedule
1) Case presentation of common clinical cases on Monday 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
2) Two Case presentations of unusual and rare cases on Thursday 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
3) Assignment presentation on Wednesday between 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
4) Bed side clinical teaching during morning ward rounds
5) Every PG is allotted a Topic- for thesis on which work is started after clearance from IECHR submitted before final exam.
6) Final exams of the PGs, are taken at the End of 3 years, which comprises of both theory exam (4 papers) and practical exams.

PG  Clinical Posting

1) Ist year- 6 Months in male and female wards by rotation.
2) IInd year- Posted in Neurology/Nephrology, ICU and ICCU for 4 months each by rotation. Posted in casualty on Emergency day.
3) IIIrd year- Posted in male and female wards by rotation.
• Attend OPD and specialty clinics on their respective days.
• Attend medical camps in rural and urban areas.

ART (Anti retroviral therapy) centre:

The ART centre is run by the department of medicine since 21st January, 2009 in OPD 26 on the first floor of the common OPD building. Around 2600 patients are enrolled in the centre, one of the largest in Gujarat. Dr Mahendra Parmar, Professor, is presently working as the Nodal Officer of the ART centre.

Publications, Research Projects (During Last 3 Years)

1.Isolated Hepatic Tuberculosis: An Uncommon presentation of a common Culprit..Australasian Medical Journal(AMJ) 2014,7-6,247-250.Dr Minal Shastri ,Dr Shripad Kausadikar,Dr Jigar Jariwala,Dr Dhaval Dave, Dr Rushad Patell

2.Cortical Venous Thrombosis presenting as subarachnoid hemorrhage:30/5/2015; Australasian Medical Journal.. Dr Minal Shastri,Dr Smita Trivedi,Dr Kaushik Rana, Dr Dwijal Patel, Dr Rushad Patell

3. Rupal V Dosi, Rushad D Patell,Pratik J Shah,Harshal K Joshi-Diabetic Ketoacidosis: an unusual presentation of acromegaly-Case report-BMJ case reports,published online on 11th june,2013, doi:10.1136/bcr-2013-010198.

4. Rushad D Patell, Rupal V Dosi, Harshal K Joshi,Purav C Shah-Eggshell Calcification ,Images in..... BMJ case reports-Published online on 13th August,2013.doi:10.1136/bcr-2013-200362

5.Rushad D Patell, Rupal V Dosi, Harshal K Joshi,Purav C Shah-Basal Ganglia Calcification-Images in ... BMJ case reports-Published online on 13th August,2013,doi:10.1136/bcr-2013-200399

6. R V Dosi,A P Ambaliya, R D Patell, Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of a case of Acute intermittent Porphyria in India-Case snippet-Journal of Postgraduate Medicine- 2013,vol.59,issue3,pg-241-242.

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8. Dosi R V Bhatt N R Patell R D, Raj RR.Recurrent hypoglycemia..A less well-known presentation of Sheehan’s syndrome-Case report,J Postgrad Med2013:59:318-320

9.Rushad Patell,Rupal Dosi,Harshal Joshi,Purav Shah,Sarfaraz Jasdanwala-Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Obesity,Original article,Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic research,2014 Jan,Vol8 (1):62-66

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12.Rupal Dosi Annirudh Ambaliya Harshal Joshi Rushad Patell-case report-Serotonin asyndrome versus neuroleptic malignant syndrome: a challenging clinical quandary, BMJ case reports 2014 doi: 10.1136/bcr-2014-204154

13.Rushad patell Rupal Dosi Smit Sheth Pooja Jariwala-Averting a crisis by adding up the clues-Case report BMJCase reports-doi:1136/bcr-2014-204685

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Vital Statistics 2016

Statistic Number
Average yearly admissions- 19600
Total indoor patients- Ward   15695
ICCU 1825
MICU 2109
Total Outpatient Visits
(Including emergency patients)
Registered Patients – Cardiology Clinic 1858
Registered Patients – Diabetes Clinic 2230
Registered Neurology Clinic  2080



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