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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to women with normal and abnormal pregnancy and gynaecological problems. The department was opened on 9th November 1886 by His Excellency the Count of Dufferin, Viceroy and Governor General of India at the request of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, the then ruler of Baroda. The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies (degree and diploma). It has one of the 31 recognized HRRCs of the Indian Council of Medical Research. The outpatient department operates from OPD-10 located in the common OPD building. Facilities in the OPD include Ultrasonography, Colposcopy, fetal monitoring using Cardiotocography, screening for cervical cancer etc. The indoor admissions are made to wards 9, 10 and 11, located in a separate complex. The department receives patient referral from nearing districts of central Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The obstetric services are provided in Smt. Rukmini Chainani Prasuti Gruh which is a 184 bedded building with 4 floors. This building has been constructed with a generous donation from the Baroda Medical College Alumni Association of North America.

The state of art Gynecology building has three Operation theatres which includes a fully equipped Endoscopy theatre. The department has 4 ultrasound machines including a 4D Color Doppler System. This building has been renovate with funds from the Smt. Kamlaben Ramanlal Shah Gambhirawala Trust. A 6 bed Obstetric NICU was added last year.

State of art 6 bed obstetric ICU in vicinity of labour room is established for managing life threatening  obstetric complications with  financial support  of NHM and technical support from UNICEF.



Staff of Deptt. Of Obstetrics & Gynecology Comprises of 1 Professor & Head,3 additional prof.,2 Asso .prof, 9 Assistant prof. 5 Senior Resident, 40 Junior Residents

Sr no



Email ID


Dr Ashish V Gokhale

Professor & Head



Dr Nandita Maitra

Addl prof



Dr Dipti Modi

Addl prof



Dr Maitri shah

Addl prof



Dr Shonali Agarwal

Asso. Prof



Dr  Purvi  Patel

Asso. Prof



Dr Jagruti Brahmbhatt

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Yogesh  Parmar

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Bijal Rami

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Palak Vaishnav

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Garima Gandhi

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Kavya Patel

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Meha Mehta

Asstt. Prof.



Dr Sheetal Parmar

Asstt. Prof



Dr Nidhi Bulsara

Asstt. Prof



There are five teaching units with 190 beds



Head of unit



Monday & Thursday

Dr A V Gokhale  Prof & Head

Dr Shonali Agarwal Asso. Prof
Dr Jagruti Bhahmbhatt Asstt. Prof

Dr Kavya Patel Asstt. Prof.

Dr Meha Mehta Asstt. Prof.




Dr Nandita Maitra  Addl Prof.

Dr  Palak vaishnav Asst. Prof
Dr  Sheetal Parmar Asst Prof



Dr Dipti Modi  Addl Prof.

Dr Bijal   Rami Asst Prof

Dr Nidhi Bulsara Asst Prof



Dr Maitri  Shah Addl prof

Dr Yogesh Parmar, Asst prof



Dr  Purvi Patel, Asso Prof

 Dr Garima Gandhi, Asst prof


2. Non Teaching Staff 

Dr.Jayesh Prajapati





Ogdepartment @ gmail.com




Kishorbhai .Parmar

Medical .Social.Worker


Uma .M.Raval




Jr.Clerk (P.PUnit)


Tejas .C.Mane

Peon (P.P.Unit)




3. PG intake capacity :
Total 14 seats MS ( Obstetrics & Gynecology) per year

Clinical Facilities Available

1. High risk Obstetrics
2. Infertility
3. Operative Endoscopy
4. Microsurgery
5. Gynaec Oncology
6. Urogynaecology
7. Family planning and MTP
8. Ultrasonography
9. Genetic counseling
10 Antenatal Services
11 Gynecological Services
12 High Dependency Unit
13. Colposcopy
14. Cryotherapy
15. Maternal Fetal Medicine
16. PPTCT program

Research publications during last five years

1) Sofa scoring tool for prediction of outcome in obstetric ICU at tertiary care centre – Anand Nupur, Gokhale AV ObsRev : J obstetGynecol 2020:6(2) 32-37/jog.2020i02.01

2) Improving pregnancy outcome in tertiary care institution in India through obstetric intensive care unit : three year analysis Gokhale AV, Agarwal S, Modi D.– Int J Reprod Contracept ObstetGynecol 2020;9:1965-71

3) A study of cesarean section at full cervical dilatation. Rami B, kaul S international journal of reproduction, contraception in obstetrics & gynecology, Apr 2020, 9(4): 1672-75
4) A prospective observational study of breech pregnancy in a tertiary care centre. Kaul s, Rami B. International journal of reproduction, contraception in obstetrics & gynecology, feb 2020, 9(2): 688-91
5) A study evaluation of tubal factors of infertility by hystero-salpingography and diagnostic laparoscopy. Devada km, brahmbhatt jk, jetani nj, modi dm, chaudhari am, sharma ssint j reprodcontraceptobstetgynecol 2020;9:533- 9.
6) Shock index in the prediction of adverse maternal outcome. Monika chaudhary, nandita maitra, tosha sheth, palak vaishnav the journal of obstetrics and gynecology of india, (), 1-5 doi 10.1007/s13224-020-01355-z
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9) Vaginal pH as a diagnostic tool for menopause: A preliminary analysis. Makwana N, Shah M, Chaudhary M. J Mid life Health 2020
10) A prospective study of endometriosis and its outcome at tertiary care centre . Ninama s, rami b. International journal of reproduction, contraception in obstetrics & gynecology, dec 2019, 8(12): 4847-51
11) Study of Correlation of Histopathological Patterns of Endometrium in Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Dr.YogeshParmar , Dr.Kritika Pandey. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Volume 8 Issue 11, November 2019
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Book Chapters

1. Dr Ashish V Gokhale- H1N1 (influenza),Ebola,Zika virus diseases during pregnancy.ICOG Campus on Maternal Infection exposure to expression pg79 issue No.3;oct 2018
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Research Projects in 3 Years

1.A study of Teenage pregnancy and its outcome. ICMR (2011-2015)
2.A comparative study of the simplified partograph (GOI Adaptation 2010) and ICMR partograph. (April 2014)
3.Hospital Based Surveillance of Female Genital Fistula ICMR .(2010-2013)
4.Hysterectomy Profile in Tertiary Care public hospitals (ICMR Task Force study) (Proposed)
5.Respectful Maternity care initiative (ICMR Task Force study) (Proposed)
6.Assisted vaginal delivery and cesarean section at full cervical dilatation at tertiary level hospitals: incidence, impact and current management.
7.Evaluation of Maternal and fetal outcomes in women diagnosed with GDM or Normoglycemia using IADPSG criteria, among omen diagnosed with normoglycemia by DIPSI criteria: Prospective multi centre Observational cohort study- ICMR task force project.
8.National Covid registry on Covid -19 infection among pregnant women and neonates-ICMR task force study

Total Outpatient visits 66012
Total indoor admissions 14727
Deliveries 7996
Cesarean Section 3012
Gyn major Surgery 784
Minor Gyn surgery 409
Tubal Ligation 1062


Education and Training

Undergraduate Teaching: In the form of classroom lectures, clinical bedside teaching, screening of videos, integrated lectures, focus group discussions, seminars and the use of teaching aids.
Postgraduate Teaching: A dedicated teaching program includes didactic lectures, weekly clinical meets, death audits, seminars and journal clubs. Active participation of postgraduates in state and national level conferences is encouraged.
Service Teaching: Training of medical officers in Emergency Obstetric Care, MTP and Laparoscopic TL
National Programs : National Family Planning Program, Anemia Control Program, PPTCT program; Emergency Obstetric Care Training program, Training of Skilled Birth Attendants.

CME held in the deptt.

1) ICOG Medha 2016 CME for PostGraduates – in collaboration with Baroda OG society & ICOG 10&11 sept 2016
2) Gurukul Programme 2017 – CME for Postgraduates in collaboration with Indian Menopause society Vadodara chapter-13 July 2017
3) Lactation management training workshop in collaberation with FND MSU, department of PSM and Pediatrics Medical College, Baroda on 6-7 August 2018.
4) FORCE 2019-CME for Postgraduates in collaboration with Medical Education Committee FOGSI & Baroda OG Society 2nd & 3rd March 2019
5) CME on Managing Obstetric Emergencies (MOE) in association with Urban India Maternal Health Initiative, Jivdaya Foundation, USA on 6th September 2018
6) Workshop on Strengthening Evidence based Sexual & Reproductive Health services in preservice medical education in India in collaboration with UNFPA ,Deptt of OG & PSM PGIMER Chandigarh on 9th& 10th September 2019.

Prizes won by PG students of the department:
2018 Midterm State Conference: SOGOG 9 ,10 th June Bharuch
Quiz- 1st prize Dr Kirti Devda and Dr Dimpi Modi
Poster presentation- 1st prize- Dr Ojsa Rastogi
Paper presentation: 1st prize- Dr Suman Sharma, 3rd prize- Dr Riya Rano

2019-State Obstetrics & Gynecological Society conference (SOGOG 2019) held on 27,28 & 29 September 2019 at Vadodara
PG Debate on robotic v/s laparoscopic hysterectomy 1st prize-Dr Dimpi Modi &Dr Monika Chaudhary
PG scientific papers-Gynec 1st Prize-Dr Nirav Jetani
Misc category—1st prize- Dr Kirti Devda

Runners up-Dr Hiral koli
Scientific Poster-2nd Prize-Dr Dimpi Modi
3rd Prize- Dr Riya Rano
PG Quiz- 3rd prize- Dr Suman Sharma & Dr Riya Rano

Prizes/ AWARDS / CERTIFICATION won by the department:
LAQSHYA Certified Labour Room & Maternity OT at Rukhmani Prasuti Gruh,O&G Deptt. Medical College & SSG Hospital,Baroda -8th April 2019 by GOI,MOHFW New Delhi



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