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About Department

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology provides diagnosis and treatment for problems of the ear, nose and throat, and tumours of the head and neck area. Masters degree (M.S. E.N.T.) was recognized by MCI in 1968. Facilities in the Department include microsurgery of the ear, treatment of hearing loss, and rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired, rhinology and sinus diseases, laryngology and throat diseases and management of vocal disorders. This Department also manages the patients of Head and Neck cancer which is so prevalent in this part of country due to habit of Gutkha chewing and Bidi smoking.

List of Previous Teachers: Dr. M.Shrinivas, Dr. C. B. Patel, Dr. Ruby Udwadaia, Dr. Ravi S. Tiwari, Dr. Archana A. Desai.

Hospital Services

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Sir Sayajirao General Hospital is totally dedicated to serve the poor patients.

 Patients are treated on outdoor and indoor basis. Outdoor patients are treated in OPD 15 and indoor patients in ward 19.
 The department has six working days. It is divided in two teams to run OPD and Operation Theatre simultaneously.
 Emergency services are provided 24hrs and 7days a week including national holidays.




OPD 15

-          Consultant Chamber

-          Outdoor Examination space.

-          Minor Procedure room-       

-      Endoscopic suite

Ward 19

-          Male ward

-          Female ward

-          Isolation room

-          Diphtheria room 

-          Dressing room

-          Speech therapy and Audiology Laboratory

-          Resident room

-          Nursing room-         

E.N.T. Operation Theatre

-          Operation theatre

-          Outdoor procedure room

-          Recovery room

-          Special room    



Microsurgery of the ear is done for otosclerosis, trauma, chronic otitis media, secretary otitis media, cholesteatoma & its complications, tympanoplasties, meatoplasties etc.


Endoscopic diagnosis and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for chronic sinusitis, nasal polyposis, orbital decompression, endonasal DCR is being done regularly and all state of art equipments are available( all nasal endoscopes, microdebrider,etc). More than 60 surgeries have been done for angiofibromas in last 5 year.


Surgical and medical services are provided to patients having oral cavity, oropharynx, laryngopharynx and laryngeal pathologies. Surgical procedures include tonsillectomy, microlaryngeal surgery, palatoplasty, sleep apnoea surgery, thyroid, branchial apparatus and salivary gland surgeries.


Patients with the cancer of the head and neck particularly carcinoma of the upper aero digestive tract, salivary glands and thyroid glands are also managed. A multidisciplinary approach including biopsies, fine needle aspiration cytology to these problems is adopted. Surgical procedures performed are laryngectomy, maxillectomy, neck dissections (radical neck dissections, modified radical neck dissections .), commando-operation. Rehabilitation through surgical reconstruction and speech and voice therapy is also provided.


Life saving procedures on tracheobronchial tree, foreign body removal from air & food passages, trauma and epistaxis are some of the services provided in emergency 24 hrs. Infact many pediatric patients with foreign body bronchus are attended too.


Neurotology services include diagnosis and treatment of patients with balance problems, facial nerve disorders and hearing loss caused by inner ear damage, nerve problems or tumors of the ear and related structures.



Evaluation and treatment services are provided for adults with speech, language, swallowing, balance, tinnitus and hearing problems. Services offered include, but are not limited to basic audiologic testing, hearing aid recommendations and fittings, speech/language assessments and therapy, dysphasia testing with therapy and augmentative alternate communication therapies for those who cannot speak. The audiology and speech rehabilitation services are provided along with ENT OPD services at the centre. Our Department is the district nodal centre for the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness.



The most objective test to detect hearing loss, as early as three months of age, is also available.


List of surgeries performed in year 2009




Mastoid surgery






Septal surgery



Sinus surgery






Endoscopic DCR






Direct Laryngoscopy












Microlaryngeal surgery



Parotid surgery



Thyroid surgery



Composite resection



Other Head and Neck surgery






List of surgeries performed in year 2010 in E.N.T. Dept.




Mastoid surgery






Septal surgery



Caldwell Luc






Endoscopic DCR






Direct Laryngoscopy












Microlaryngeal surgery



Parotid surgery



Thyroid surgery






Head and Neck surgery




Minor Surgeries






Teaching Facilities

This Department has adequate teaching facilities for both undergraduates and postgraduates. It has a seminar room for seminars & lectures.


Undergraduate Teaching –


This institution has 180 undergraduate admissions every year. It gives a very comprehensive schedule for training undergraduate students in the field of ENT- Head and Neck surgery. The training includes theoretical teaching with main thrust on bedside clinical and surgical training. Besides, there is a healthy academic atmosphere for free discussion on clinical cases among faculty and resident staff.


 Integrated lectures in Medical College once a week covering all topics relevant to the curriculum.

 Active participation of Postgraduate students for Undergraduate teaching.

 In 10 weeks of clinical posting students are taught :

 History taking & symptmatology
 Examination of patient.
 Minor procedures like anterior nasal packing, fine needle aspiration cytology, biopsy etc.
 Various surgeries like tracheostomy, tonsillectomy, myringotomy, septal and other nasal surgeries.


Postgraduate Teaching –


Our institution has six postgraduate admissions (4 degree candidates and 2 diploma candidates in ENT) every year.


 Teachers & Postgraduate students work together in OPD & Operation theatre which provides continuous learning to the students.

 Detailed orientation program, personal touch for student growth and learning especially for surgical techniques. Continuous “top down” learning.

 Seminars, journal article presentation, case presentation and assignments as formal teaching. Use of LCD, OHP and slide projectors by students and teachers.

 There is temporal bone dissection laboratory where postgraduates do their practice for various ear surgeries on cadaveric temporal bone.

Research, consultancy and extension

  • Mandatory submission of dissertation by all PG Masters degree students. Apart from these, paper presentations are done at the state and national conferences.

  • Faculty members and students routinely participate in workshops, conferences and seminars at the state and national level.

  • The senior faculty members are regularly invited as examiners to various universities of India for M.B.B.S. as well as M.S. exams.

  • Clinical trials of various drugs are carried out in Department sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

  • More than 25 publications have been published in national and international journals .

  • Our department was one of the two centres in india selected for Diplomate of National Board (DNB) Examination in the year 2008.


List Of Publications of Otorhinolaryngology

1. R.G.Aiyer,S.Rajgopal,Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421, Vol.52, No.3, July – Sept 2000 “ Benign Cementoblastoma – Rare Odontogenic Neoplasm. ” Page 272 – 273

2. R.Tiwari, A.A.Desai, R.G.Aiyer, V.K.Pandya, S.Bansal Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421, Vol. 52, No.4, Oct – Dec 2000 “ Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma – A Report Of 19 Cases “ Page 349 – 351

3. R.G.Aiyer, S.Mehta, G.Kumar, D.Gupta Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421, Vol. 54, No. 3, July – Sep 2002 “Pseudo Aneurysm Of The Facial Artery “ Page 221 – 222

4. R.G.Aiyer, G.Kumar Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421, Vol. 55, No.2, April – June 2003 “ Nasal Manifestations In Chromium Industry Workers “ Page 71 – 73

5. R.G.Aiyer, G.Soni S.Chougule, Unnikrishnnan nair, T.Nagpal Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 542. Title “Extra Nodal Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Of Larynx.” 56 No. 4 / Oct – Dec 2004. Pg. 298 - 300

6. A.A.Desai, R.G.Aiyer, V.K.Pandya Unnikrishnnan Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421. Title “Post Operative Sensorineural Hearing Loss After Middle Ear Surgery.” 56 No.3 / July – September 2004. Pg. 240 - 241

7. R.Aiyer, B.Patra, M.Gandhi, P.DhamejaGujarat Journal of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0973 -1024. Title “Cervical Mediastinal Mature Cystic Teratoma.” Vol 2 - No 2, Nov – Dec 2005, Page 23-24.

8. A.Desai, V.K.Pandya,D.Bhalani,S.Desai,B.ParikhIndian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421.Title “Value Of Ultrasonography In Laryngeal And Laryngopharyngeal Cancers”.Volume. 56 No.3/ July – September 2004. Pg.191-195.

9.V.K.Pandya,R.Tiwari Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421.Title “Nasal Mucociliary Clearance In Health And Disease”. Volume 58, Number 4, October- December 2006, Pg 332-334.

10. A.A.Desai, V.K.Pandya, Sachin Chougule, Unnikrishnnan nair Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – 5421.Title “Recurrent Thyroid Abscess –Is It A 4th Branchial Arch Anamoly”. Vol 58, Number 2/ April-June 2006, Pg 190-191.

11. R.Aiyer,V.prashanth, R.Gupta World Article in Ear,Nose,Throat ISSN 1948-9579 ,Chondrosarcoma of the Nasal septum, A Case Report2009,Vol. 2-2.

12. R.Gupta, S. Suryanarayan, A. Sharma, V.pandya, S. Sathaye World Article in Ear,Nose,Throat,ISSN 1948-9579 Traumatic Mandibular fracture: Pendulum swinging towards closed reduction? 2009, Vol. 3-1.

13.R.Aiyer R.Gupta, v. Damania, M.Shah, A.Sharma, World Article in Ear,Nose,Throat ISSN 1948-9579, Reconstruction of oral neoplasm in Indian set up:Redebating the utility of Radial Artery free flap, 2010, Vo;.3-1.

14. R.Aiyer, Jayman. Raval. World Article in Ear,Nose,Throat ISSN 1948-9579 , Comparative study between Endoscopic Septoplasty and Conventional Septoplasty (22Cases of each), 2011,Vol. 3-2.

International Publication

1. R.G.Aiyer,Indian Medical Gazette, Issn 0019 – 5863. Title “Open Label Comparative Randomized Study Of Efficacy & Safety Of Cefetamet Pivoxyl Versus Cefixime Trihidrate In Patients Suffering From Mild To Moderate Community Aquired Acute Sinusitis”, Vol Cxl - No. 3/ Issue Mar 2006, Pg. 115-120.
2. R.G.Aiyer, Rahul Gupta, Jayman Raval,Clinical Rhinology, An International Journal ISSN 0974-4630 , Endoscopic septoplasty- A Novel Technique, A case series of 19 cases , September- December 2009 volume-2, Number-3, page no.11-13.
3. R.G.Aiyer,V.K.Pandya,G.B.Soni,P.Dhameja, R.Gupta, M.Patel Clinical Rhinology, An International Journal ISSN 0974-4630 , Pathogenesis of Rhinosinusitis in relation to Ethmoid Anatomy, January- April 2010 volume-3, Number-1, page no.17-21.

Articles Accepted and To Be Published

1. V.K.pandya, V.prashanth, Indian Journal Of Otolaryngology & Head And Neck Surgery, Issn 0019 – Role of CT scan in Diagnossis and Management of Otogenic Intracranial Abscessess. (Article No. – 126|2008 )


Sr. No Name Designation Degree E-mail id
1 Dr. Ranjan.G.Aiyer Professor & Head M. S. (ENT) drrgaiyer@hotmail.com
2 Dr. Rahul R. Gupta Associate Professor M. S. (ENT) doctor.rahul25@gmail.com
3 Dr. Nikhil D. Patel Associate Professor M. S. (ENT) nikhil310@yahoo.co.in
4 Dr. Jayman B. Raval Assistant Professor M. S. (ENT) dr.jaymanraval11@gmail.com
5 Dr. Hitesh M. Gangani Assistant Professor M. S. (ENT) drhiteshgangani435@gmail.com
6 Dr. Mukesh Mishra Assistant Professor M. S. (ENT) https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif


Sr. No Name Designation Degree
1 Dr.Anuj Shah Senior Resident M.S. (ENT)
2 Dr.Priyank Mistry Senior Resident M.S. (ENT)
3 Dr. Dhruvika Rathwa Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
4 Dr. Bindi Bhankhodia Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
5 Dr. Dhanya S.P. Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
6 Dr. Anirudh Wagh Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
7 Dr. Hetal Chauhan Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
8 Dr. Nithya.R Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
9 Dr.Atisha Modi Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
10 Dr.Rahul Shah Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.
11 Dr. Kritika Sharma Junior Resident Doctor M.B.B.S.



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