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1. About Dept

Department of Preventive & Social Medicine at Medical College Baroda is one of the first departments to be established in the country under the able guidance of Dr. A. K. Niyogi, the then Director of Health Services of the combined state of Bruhad Mumbai (Maharashtra and Gujarat) who headed the department from 1955 to 1971. The national level Association of PSM and Indian Association of Occupational Health and many other activities originated from this department, Curative and Preventive General Practice unit of the hospital for the training of interns being one more such unique model. The alumni of this department are serving in distinguished positions in India and abroad.

PG Intake Capacity  - Total 08

M.D PSM                 – 08 seats


2. Current Staff

1. Teaching

Sr. No






Dr. V. S. Mazumdar

Professor & Head 




Dr. R. K. Baxi





Dr. Shobha Misra

Associate Professor




Dr. Jivraj Damor

Associate Professor




Dr. Sangita Patel

Associate Professor




Dr. Bhavesh Shroff

Assistant Professor




Dr. Rahul Parmar

Assistant Professor




Dr. Bharati Makwana

Assistant Professor




Dr. Vikas Doshi

Assistant Professor




Dr. Raman Damor

Assistant Professor




Dr. Bharatkumar Gohel

Assistant Professor




Dr.  Preeti Panchal

Assistant Professor




Dr.  Pritesh Patel

Assistant Professor




Dr. Bansari Chavda

Assistant Professor




Dr. Prerna Agarwal





Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure





Dr. Niyati Parmar





Dr. Ajaysinh Parmar





Dr. Chetan Popat





Dr. Amit Ganasva





Non-teaching staff:




Mobile no


Rajeshree Shah

Social Worker



Veena Patel

Social Worker



Samir Parmar

Social Worker



Purvi Joshi

Laboratory Technician



Neeta Shinde

Public Health Nurse



Preeti Mehta

Public Health Nurse



Varsha Katewala

Staff nurse



Archana K. Sagar




Varun Darji




Chandrakant R. Solanki




Harivaadan A. Valand




Hasmukh A. Vasava




Mahesh S. Panchal




Chhitu Vasava




Kalidas Vasava




(3) Courses offered

MD (PSM), (Doctorate in Medicine)
D.P.H. (Diploma in Public Health)

The department currently enrolls 6 MD and 4 DPH students per year. One candidate has registered for PhD in the current year

Besides, faculty staff visits number of other prestigious courses as visiting faculty and as advisors or consultants to Municipal Corporation and the State Government as well as National Polio Surveillance Programme.

The Department is a centre for imparting training of F-IMNCI for doctors and paramedical staff.


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100.   Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Shah D, Bhalani KD, Shah VS, Mehta KG. A cross sectional study to assess the prevalence of skeletal Flurosis and the relationship for Dental Fluorosis and Skeletal Fluorosis in Baroda district villages. The Indian Practitioner. Feb 2012; 65(2):85-89.

101.   Madan G, Panchal P, Mazumdar VS, Patel SV, Shringarpure K. Effect of Antenatal Counseling on Initiation of Breast Feeding – An Interventional Study. Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health. Jan 2012; 14(1):1-7.

102.   Mazumdar VS, Baxi RK, Shroff B, Madan G, Parmar A. E-MAMTA Data Validation In Gujarat” “Health and Population: Perspectives and Issues.” 2012;.33(3)

103.   Bharani Sheela, Parmar Tarun, Kantharia Neha, Parmar Rahul, Kharod Nikhil. A Study to Assess The Implementation and Effectiveness of IMNCI Program and Evaluation of Skills of Rural Anganwadi Workers in Vadodara Taluka. National Journal of Community Medicine. 2012; 3(2):207-212.

104.   Bhatt Shwetal, Parikh Pooja, Kantharia Neha, Dahat Amit, Parmar Rahul. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Postnatal Mothers for Early Initiation of Breast Feeding in The Obstetric Wards of a Tertiary Care Hospital of Vadodara City. National Journal of Community Medicine.2012; 3(2):305-309.

105.   Sadaf A, Helan G, Mehta K, Kumar A. Matching research design to clinical research questions. Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.2012; 33:49-53.

106.   Shobha Misra. Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial, Gold Standard in Epidemiological Studies. Review article. Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS 2012; Vol. 33(2): 51-54.

107.   Ninama GL, Mistry DK, Rajat DM, Damor JR, Nanda SO. Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern Of Causative Bacterial Pathogens Responsible For Corneal Ulcer. NJIRM. (2012), 3(4): 76-79.

108.   Shah SH, Rajani K, Kataria L, Trivedi A, Patel S, Mehta K. Perception and prevalence of domestic violence in the study population. Ind Psychiatry J 2012; 21:137-43.


5) CME Programmes, conferences and academic activities conducted by Department: (last five years)

1. PG Booster 2014: Gender Equality - “Be human, be considerate to woman”.
2. IMNCI and F-IMNCI training of Medical Officers and nursing staff in collaboration with SIHFW.
3. Non- Communicable Disease (NCD) training of DM and HT screening of Medical Officers
4. Vaccine and Cold- Chain Handler (VCCH) training of Pharmacist of Government Hospital.
5. Promoting use of “International Classification of Diseases(ICD- 10) for Morbidity & Mortality Coding”
6. Department is actively involved in providing various trainings for the Govt. of Gujarat for various health cadres including Medical officers and paramedical staff like NVBDCP National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, IYCF Infant and Young Child Feeding Practice, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS etc.
7. Department is also actively coordinating Central Research Unit (CRU) of the College in providing training regarding research methodology to the faculties, review of research projects, guidance to the students for research activities.



6) Awards and Achievement received by students or faculty: (last five years)




Dr. Bansari Chawada
Asst. Professor

 1st prize ‘H.M.Patel trophy for the best paper’ in IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter State conference, held at Bhavnagar in 2014

Delphi Technique- an experience for developing a standardized evaluation tool.

Dr Varun Parmar
3rd yr. resident

2nd prize in oral presentation in the State conference of IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter held at GMERS, Sola, Ahmedabad in 2014.

Reason for discontinuation of treatment among MDR TB patients of Western India.

Dr Swapnil Malkhede
2nd yr. resident

3rd prize in oral presentation of in the State conference of IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter held at GMERS, Sola, Ahmedabad in 2014.

Health awareness among the doctors of SSG Hospital, Vadodara.

Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure,Dr. Nikhil Patel,

1st prize in “PG QUIZ” in State conference of IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter  held at GMERS, Gotri, December 2016


Dr. Mehul Patel 
3rd yr. resident

1ST runner up in scientific poster presentation in State conference of IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter held at GMERS, Gotri, December 2016

Family burden of cognitive impairment among rural and tribal population aged over 59 yrs.  Residing in a district located in central India- a baseline study

Dr. Paresha Solanki 
1st yr. resident

2nd runner up in scientific oral presentation in State conference of IAPSM-Gujarat Chapter held at GMERS, Gotri, December 2016

Bone mineral density study in the field practice area of urban health training centre, Medical College Baroda.

Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure Tutor

Received Dr C K Purohit award for best paper published in 2015, at National conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gandhinagar, January 2016

Loss to follow up on multidrug resistant T.B. treatment in Gujarat, India

Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure Tutor

1st prize in Best poster presentation at National conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gandhinagar, January 2016

Community based maternal death review: 3 delay model

Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure Tutor

2nd prize in oral presentation at National conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gandhinagar, January 2016

Multidrug resistant T.B.: Providers perspective on LFU

Dr. Bansari Chawada
Asst. Professor

1st prize in oral presentation at National conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gandhinagar, January 2016

Expense of Time and Money at government hospital- A time motion study. 

Dr. Kedar Mehta, Dr. R.K. Baxi, Dr. Sangita Patel

Received Dr C K Purohit award for best paper published in 2015, at State conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gotri, December 2016

Predictors of unsafe sexual behavior among people living with human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS attending antiretroviral therapy center in Western India

Dr. Varun Parmar

2nd prize in oral presentation(H.M. Patel  Young Scientist Award Session), at State conference of IAPSM held at GMERSE, Gotri, December 2016

Evaluation of the Effect of Counseling on Newly Diagnosed type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients.

Dr. V. R. Chavda

2nd prize in oral presentation(Nutrition and health System Award Session), at State conference of IAPSM held at GMERS, Gotri, December 2016

Assessment of “Mid Upper Arm Circumference” as a parameter to identify undernourished child

Dr. Shobha Misra

Awarded Bouquets of Honour for FAIMER Fellowship, IAPSM News Bulletin, July-Sept 2016.

FAIMER Fellowship

Dr. Shobha Misra

Pearl-A Foundation for Educational Excellence in Higher Education Institutions in India awarded - SMART SUMMIT- 2016 at Madurai.

Excellence and Innovation in Medical Education



Research Projects undertaken by the Department

1. ICDS evaluation project (ON GOING)funded by Central Government (NIPCCD)

2. Multi Indicator Cluster Study (2016,2011)for Demography, MCH, Environment, Nutritional Indicators for Vadodara slums. (UNICEF)

3.      Assessment Of WASH Of Functional Delivery Points, Health Care Facilities, Panchmahal District, Gujarat(2015) (UNICEF)

4.      Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Private Providers in the Delivery of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) and other Antigens in Urban settings In Gujarat, India (2015) (UNICEF)

5.      Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Mental Health among rural and tribal population of Halol Block of Panchmahal-A Baseline Study (2014-15) Funded by Sir Ratan Tata Trust and Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust

6.      Factors associated with loss to follow up among MDR-TB patients in Vadodara, Gujarat (2014-15) Funded by RNTCP

7.      Water Sanitation and Hygiene Project (2014) (UNICEF)

8.      Confidential inquiry into maternal deaths and CbMDR, vadodara, Gujarat (2012-13) (Gov. of Gujarat)

9.      Assessment of Quality Assurance Programme of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Gujarat State (UNFPA)

10.  Health awareness and need assessment study of adolescents attending the school run by Vadodara Mahanagar Sevasadan (Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan)



1. ICMR- NIH   2009-2010 Grant # R01 MH069989 Formative Study of HIV Prevention Needs of HIV-  infected Persons in Gujarat, India

2.      A cross sectional study to detect and measure the association of high fluoride content in drinking water and prevalence of fluorosis and dental caries in Baroda district villages from   1996 to 1998


1.      Multi Indicator Cluster Survey for Earthquake affected areas 2003 along with Rajkot Medical College 

2.      Midterm Impact Evaluation Study on Anemia, Among Adolescent School Girls Vadodara District in 2002

3.      Measeals Incidence Survey among under 5 children of Vadodara Urban Slums in the month of July and August 1999

4.      Micronutrient Support Unit spearheading the District micronutrient related program in five districts of Gujarat

5.      Post Intervention Iron status of the girls (hemoglobin and serum ferritin) estimation.

6.      A Study of Anemia Prevalence in Adolescent School Girls Vadodara District.

7.      What do school going Adolescent Girls know about Anemia? (Qualitative study)

8.      HIV knowledge and awareness survey for Vadodara District: UNICEF supported

9.      Impact of Measles pulse vaccination on Measles incidence in Vadodara urban slums.

10.  Measles Elimination Program of Urban slums for Vadodara technically guided and monitored.

   World Health Organization

Adolescent Health Care-Needs Assessment and establishing Adolescent clinic- A WHO multi-centric study from 2002 to 2004

   Population Council

Health seeking behavior and perception in pelvic inflammatory disease patients attending Shree Sayaji General Hospital Vadodara, India, from 1st January 1997 to 31st December 1997


Users’ and Providers’ perspectives on Injectable contraceptives in Vadodara, India A multicentric Study in 2004-05

   Government of Gujarat

1. Evaluation of operational efficiency of Malaria clinic and its staff involved in National Anti Malaria Programme (NAMP)

2.      Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Urban slums of Baroda city

3.      Study of utilization of CSSM components of RCH and reasons for utilization and non-utilization

4.      Re-survey of Iodine deficiency disorders for Panchmahal district Project on Adolescent health in rural slums of Baroda district.

5.       Review of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Vadodara City

6.      Cost Analysis of RCH Service in Tribal & Rural Areas of Vadodara District.


1. Evaluation of Communication skills of link Workers and Volunteers under Link worker Scheme in Vadodara District funded by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society (2011-12)

2.      Assessment of Injection Safety Practices- Senior Investigator, IndiaCLEN Program Evaluation Network supported by ministry of health & family welfare govt.of India and World Bank 2002-2003.

3.      Behavior change trials improved practices (TIPS) For Anemia in Pregnancy and IFA Consumption  in  Vadodara Urban

4.      Study on Gender and Medical Education in India founded by Achulta Menn Center for Health Science Studies, SCTIMST,  Trivendrum.

5.      Health seeking Behavior and services utilization by pregnant mothers of Urban Slums.

6.      Are all eligible patients getting identified, tested and treated in India? A Multi-centre Operational Research into MDR-TB diagnosis and treatment pathway 

Infrastructure Facilities & Learning Resources

Besides classroom teaching, field visits, involvement in community programs like pulse polio, and field studies for their own course curriculum guided and accompanied by teaching staff members.

 Department has following resources for the students’ use:

· Over 600 books and journals with a seminar room and library

·  17 computers and 23 internet connections and all of them have access to online journals

·  Overhead projectors, Multimedia projector, TV and DVD for use during seminar presentations

·  Museum with charts, models and reading facilities


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