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About Dept

Department of Preventive & Social Medicine at Medical College, Vadodara is one of the first departments to be established in the country under the able guidance of Dr. A. K. Niyogi, the then director of Health services of the combined state of Bruhad Mumbai (Maharashtra and Gujarat) who headed the department from 1955 to 1971. The national level of the association for PSM and many other activities originated from this department, Curative and Preventive General Practice unit of the hospital for the training of interns being one more such model.

Current Staff

2 Professors, 3 Associate Professors 8 Assistant Professors, 5 Tutors, 3 Public Health Nurses, 3 Social Workers, 2 Laboratory Technicians, 3 Clerks and other ancillary staff members.

Sr. No NAME Designation MOB. NO E-MAIL
1 Dr. V. S. Mazumdar Professor & Head  9825676499 vihang.mazumdar@gmail.com
2 Dr. R. K. Baxi Professor 9426748210 baxirk@gmail.com
3 Dr. Shobha Misra Associate Professor 9998787375 shobhamisra@rediffmail.com
4 Dr. Jivraj Damor Associate Professor 9638393666 jivrajdamor@yahoo.co.in
5 Dr. Sangita Patel Associate Professor 9825552478 sangita_psm@yahoo.co.in
6 Dr. Bhavesh Shroff Assistant Professor 9725518516 drbhavesh_psm@yahoo.com
7 Dr. Rahul Parmar Assistant Professor 9825465472 drrahulparmar@yahoo.co.in
8 Dr. Bharati Makwana Assistant Professor 9427151737 drbharatimakwana@gmail.com
9 Dr. Vikas Doshi Assistant Professor 9925304671 vikas_design@reddifmail.com
10 Dr. Raman Damor Assistant Professor 9978908064 ramandamor@gmail.com
11 Dr.  Preeti Panchal Assistant Professor 9925471571 ppanchal86@gmail.com
12 Dr. Bansari Chawada Assistant Professor 9724304405 bansarichawada@gmail.com
13 Dr .Pritesh Patel Assistant Professor 9998538084 pritesh_psm@yahoo.com
14 Dr. Kalpita Shringarpure Tutor 9824673141 kshringarpure@gmail.com
15 Dr. Ajay Parmar Tutor 9687625206 dr.ajaysinh@gmail.com
16 Dr. Niyati Parmar Tutor 9687625204 dr.niyati251@gmail.com
17 Dr. Jayprakash Macwana Tutor 9427184430 drjayprakash16@gmail.com
18 Dr. Amit Ganasva Tutor 9427349717 dramitganasva@gmail.com


2) Non-teaching staff :




Mobile no

1   Shyam C. Gupte Lab. Tech 9624040612
Archana K. Sagar Clerk 9571220760
3   Hemlatta Macwan Public Health Nurse 9913876477
4   Dorothy Parmar Public Health Nurse 9429313765
Neeta Shinde Public Health Nurse 9879758225
6   Rajeshree Shah Social Worker 9898243733
7 Veena Patel Social Worker 9924893099
8  Samir Parmar Social Worker 9426376848
9 Chhitu Vasava  Driver 9974130818





Mobile no

1. Devaji D. Vaghela  Head clerk 7600930775
2. Meena K. Pathak  Staff Nurse 9426747296
3. Miss Vimla S. Chauhan Staff Nurse 9426747975
4. Harivaadan A. Valand  Peon 9998248928
5. Hasmukh A. Vasava  Peon 9574895154
6. Bhogilal M. Kharadi  Peon 9924220864
7. Mahesh S. Panchal Peon 9925130616
8. Chandrakant R. solanki  Data entry operator 9726763572

3) PG intake capacity:
MD: 6
DPH: 4

4) Research publications during 2011-2012:



1. Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Bhalani KD, Shah D, Shah VS, Mehta KG. Prevalence of dental fluorosis and dental caries in association with high levels of drinking water fluoride content in a district of Gujarat, India. Indian Journal of Medical Research. June 2012;135(6):873-7. PubMed PMID: 22825606; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3410214.
2. Shobha Misra. CME, Evidence based medicine- utilizing existing databases. Healthline. Jan-June 2012; Vol. 3(1):7-9. ISSN 2229-337X
3. Parmar Rahul, Baxi R K. Measure to Improve Detection of Smear Positive Cases Under RNTCP: Comparision of 2 sputum examinations versus 3 Sputum Examinations. National Journal of Community Medicine. Jan-March 2012;3(2):183-186 ISSN 2278-4748
4. Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Shah D, Bhalani KD, Shah VS, Mehta KG. A cross sectional study to assess the prevalence of skeletal Flurosis and the relationship for Dental Fluorosis and Skeletal Fluorosis in Baroda district villages. The Indian Practitioner . Feb 2012 ; 65(2):85-89.
5. Madan G, Panchal P, Mazumdar VS, Patel SV, Shringarpure K. Effect of Antenatal Counseling on Initiation of Breast Feeding – An Interventional Study. Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health. Jan 2012 ; 14(1):1-7.
6. Mazumdar VS, Baxi RK, Shroff B, Madan G, Parmar A. E-MAMTA Data Validation In Gujarat” “Health and Population: Perspectives and Issues.” 2012;.33(3)
7. Bharani Sheela, Parmar Tarun, Kantharia Neha, Parmar Rahul, Kharod Nikhil. A Study to Assess The Implementation and Effectiveness of IMNCI Program and Evaluation of Skills of Rural Anganwadi Workers in Vadodara Taluka. National Journal of Community Medicine. 2012;3(2):207-212.
8. Bhatt Shwetal, Parikh Pooja, Kantharia Neha, Dahat Amit, Parmar Rahul. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Postnatal Mothers for Early Initiation of Breast Feeding in The Obstetric Wards of a Tertiary Care Hospital of Vadodara City. National Journal of Community Medicine.2012; 3(2):305-309.
9. Sadaf A, Helan G, Mehta K, Kumar A. Matching research design to clinical research questions. Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.2012; 33:49-53.
10. Shobha Misra. Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial, Gold Standard in Epidemiological Studies. Review article. Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS 2012; Vol. 33(2): 51-54.
11. Shroff B , Majumdar VS. Investigation Of A Cholera Outbreak In Kanpur Village Of Panchmahal, Gujarat. National Journal of Community Medicine. Oct-Dec 2011;2(3):371-373
12. Chaudhari MS, Javadekar TB, Ninama GL, Pandya N, Damor JR. A study of metallo-beta-lactamase producing pseudomonas aerugenosa in clinical sample of SSGH hospital, Vadodara ,Gujarat. National Journal of Clinical Research. Oct-Dec 2011;1(2):2249-4995
13. Damor JR, Padhiyar NG. Practice of pre-lactal feeds of colostrums among normally delivered mothers in SSG hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. 2011;22(5):227-229
14. Pandor JM, Damor JR, Padhiyar NG, Ninama GL. A study to measure prevalence of Goiter in school children of Narmada district, Gujarat. National Journal of Community Medicine. July-Sept 2011;2(2):201-203
15. Ninama GL, Damor JR, Padhiyar NG, Javadekar TB. To study the causative organism responsible for Corneal Ulcer in SSGH, Vadodara , Gujarat. National Journal of Community Medicine. July-Sept 2011;2(2):237-240
16. Damor JR, Padhiyar NG, Urinary Iodine - Iodine excretion in urine Sample – Growing children in Dahod district, Gujarat. Indian Journal Clinical Practice. July 2011;22(2):65-69
17. Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Baxi RK, Shah S, Mehta KG, Diwanji M. Treatment seeking pathway of PID patients attending SSG hospital. National Journal of Community Medicine. July 2011; 2(2):186-190.
18. Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Mazumdar VS, Baxi RK, Misra S, Bakshi H, Diwanji M, Modi E, Mehta K. BMIs and self-perception of weight and Height among Adolescent students in Rural area of Vadodara. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. June 2011; 22(1):32-39.
19. Patel SV, Baxi RK, Kotecha PV, Mazumdar VS, Bakshi HN, Mehta KG. A Case-control Study of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Its Association with Multiparity. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. June 2011; 22(1):28-30.
20. Patel SV, Baxi RK, Kotecha PV, Mazumdar VS, Bakshi HN, Mehta KG. A Case-control Study of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Its Association with Multiparity. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. June 2011; 22(1):28-30.
21. Kotecha PV, Patel S, Mazumdar VS, Baxi RK, Misra S, Mehta KG, Diwanji M, Bakshi H. Identification and Ranking of Problems Perceived Among Urban School Going Adolescents of Vadodara India. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice. March 2011; 21(10):555-565.
22. Patel SV, Baxi,R K, Kotecha PV, Mazumdar VS, Mehta KG, Bakshi HN, Diwanji M. A case control study of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and its association with Abortion. Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health. Jan 2011; 13(1):1-8.
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1. Patel SV, Patel SN, Golin CE, Baxi RK, Mehta M, Shringarpure K, Bakshi H, Modi E, Konnur P. HIV Serostatus Disclosure: Experiences and Perceptions of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and their service providers in Gujarat, India. Industrial Psychiatry Journal. Accepted for publication
2. Patel S, Baxi RK, Mehta M, Patel SN, Golin CE, Bakshi H, Shringarpure K, Modi E, Coonor P, Mehta K. Sexual Behavior among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Gujarat, India – A Qualitative Study. Indian Journal of social work. Accepted for publication.
3. Kotecha PV, Patel SV, Mazumdar VS, Baxi RK, Misra S, Diwanji M, Bakshi H, Modi E, Shah S, Shringarpure K. Reproductive health awareness among the school going adolescents of Vadodara city. Indian journal of psychiatry. Accepted for publication.
4. Kotecha PV, Patel S, Baxi RK, Shah S, Mehta KG, Diwanji M. Perceptions of Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) regarding the causes and treatment of PID at SSG hospital Vadodara. Asian Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Accepted for publication.
5. Shah SH ,Rajani K, Kataria L, Patel S, Mehta K. Perception and prevalence of domestic violence in study population (spouse of psychotic patients, spouse of non-psychotic patients and hospital staff). Industrial psychiatry journal. Accepted for publication.

5) CME Programmes, conferences and academic activities conducted by Dept.:


6) Awards and Achievement received by students or faculty:

Prof. H.M.Patel trophy for the best paper in IAPSM-GC state conference awarded to Dr. Geetika Madan.


Courses offered

o MD (PSM), (Doctorate in Medicine)
o D.P.H. (Diploma in Public Health)
o PhD

The department currently enrolls 6 MD and 4 DPH students per year.

Besides, faculty staff visits number of other prestigious courses as visiting professors and as advisors or consultants to Municipal Corporation and the State Government as well as National Polio Surveillance Programme.

The Department is a centre for imparting training of IMNCI for doctors and paramedical staff as well as training for IMNCI supervisors

Projects at hand with International partners

1. Formative study of HIV prevention needs of HIV positive patients in Gujarat, India’. In collaboration with University of North Carolina, USA and (ICMR-NIH Grant)
2. Medical College Baroda is a partner with University of South Florida which has received a Fogarty grant from NIH USA to built capacity for research in the area of Adolescent HIV/AIDs in which the department is an active partner.

Projects at hand with National partners

1. Monitoring of ICDS project by Medical Colleges with NIPCCD (Ministry of Women and Child Development)

Recently completed Projects by the Department

1. Prevalence of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in the Districts of Vadodara, Bharuch , Narmada, Panchmahal and Dahod ( Govt of Gujarat)
2. Evaluation of School Health Programme in Vadodara, Bharuch, Narmada, Panchmahal, Dahod and Anand districts.( Govt of Gujarat)
3. Evaluation of Mass Drug Administration of DEC for prevention of Lymphatic Filariasis ( Govt of Gujarat)
4. Evaluation of implementation of Wheat Based Nutrition Programme in Gujarat State ( NIPCCD)
5. Organizing “Team training” for the staff of ICTC centres of districts of Vadodara, Panchmahal and Dahod (GSACS)

Research Projects undertaken by the Department

1. Promotion of Vasectomy (Multi-centric study)
2. A cross sectional study to detect and measure the association of high fluoride content in drinking water and prevalence of Fluorosis and Dental Caries in Baroda district.

1. Micronutrient Support Unit spearheading the District micronutrient related program in five districts of Gujarat
2. Multi Indicator Cluster Study going on for Demography, MCH, Environment, Nutritional Indicators for Vadodara slums.
3. Post Intervention Iron status of the girls (hemoglobin and serum ferritin) estimation.
4. Multi Indicator Cluster Survey for Earthquake affected areas 2003 along with Rajkot Medical College
5. A Study of Anemia Prevalence in Adolescent School Girls Vadodara District.
6. Incidence of Measles among under-five children among slums of Vadodara city.
7. Impact of Measles pulse vaccination on Measles incidence in Vadodara urban slums.
8. Measles Elimination Program of Urban slums for Vadodara technically guided and monitored.
9. Multi-Indicator Cluster Surveys for several districts of Gujarat
10. Initiated IMNCI ToT for the state of Madhya Pradesh

Adolescent Friendly Center, a project technically and financially supported by World Health Organization and Government of India

Health seeking behavior and perception in pelvic inflammatory disease patients attending Shree Sayaji General Hospital Vadodara, India

Assessment of Quality Assurance Programme of Department of Health & Family Welfare, Gujarat State

1. Study of utilization of CSSM components of RCH and reasons for utilization and non-utilization
2. Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Urban slums of Baroda city
3. Evaluation of operational efficiency of Malaria clinic and its staff involved in National Anti Malaria Programme (NAMP)
4. Re-survey of Iodine deficiency disorders for Panchmahal district Project on Adolescent health in rural slums of Baroda district.
5. Review of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Vadodara City
6. Cost Analysis of RCH Service in Tribal & Rural Areas of Vadodara District.

Infrastructure Facilities & Learning Resources

Besides classroom teaching, field visits, involvement in community programs like pulse polio, and field studies for their own course curriculum guided and accompanied by teaching staff members.

Department has following resources for the students’ use:
 Over 600 books and journals with a seminar room and library
 Two computers with internet connection in one of them to access online journals.
 Overhead projectors, Multi media projector, TV and DVD for use during seminar presentations
 Museum with charts, models and reading facilities



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