The department of paediatrics was established in 1949, provides teaching to students of MBBS, post graduate students of M.D. Paediatrics, Diploma in child health, Physiotherapy.

Courses Offered


PG Intake Capacity  - Total 12

M.D Paediatrics         – 12 seats


1) M.D. ----- 7 / YEAR

2) D.C.H. ----- 4 / YEAR



Sr. No Name Designation Degree E-mail id
1 Dr. Omprakash Shukla Professor M.D.
2 Dr. Pareshkumar Thakkar Associate Professor M.D.
3 Dr. Shwetal Bhatt Associate Professor M.D.
4 Dr. Jayesh R. Solanki Assistant Professor M.D.
5 Dr. Vaishali Chanpura Assistant Professor M.D.
6 DrDilipVaghera Assistant Professor M.D.
7 Dr. Sanjeev S. Rao Assistant Professor M.D.
8 Dr. Ankurkumar N. Patel Assistant Professor M.D.
9 Dr. Pinakini P. Solanki Assistant Professor M.D.
10 Dr. Darshan Chauhan Assistant Professor M.D.


No. Resident Name
1 Senior  Dr.HiteshVasava
2 Senior Dr. Bhupendra Kapadia
3 Senior Dr Kunal Amin
4 Senior Dr. Paresh Valiya
4 3rd  year Dr. Halak Chauhan
5 3rd  year Dr. Nikita Gohil
6 3rd  year Dr. Nishu Khemka
7 3rd Year Dr.ShivendraVarshney
8 3rd Year Dr. ShruthySudhakar
9 3rd year Dr. Nilesh Shah
10 2nd Year Dr. Aditi Rawat
11 2nd Year Dr. Pathik Thakkar
12 2nd Year Dr. Aarti Dalwani
13 2nd Year Dr. Dipika Bhil
14 2nd Year Dr. Hardev Mori
15 2nd Year Dr. Dhara Shah
16 2nd Year Dr. Navaz Patel
17 2nd Year Dr. Dipak Gamit
18  2nd Year Dr. Neena Pillai
19 2nd Year Dr. Shreya Parikh
20 2nd year Dr. Vishva Parikh
21 1st  Year Dr. Haresh Vaghela
22 1st  Year Dr. Daxay Modi
23 1st  Year Dr Swapna S.T.
24 1st  Year DR Ramya Selvam
25 1st  Year Dr. Neelam Sahu
26 1st  Year Dr. Sneha Makwana
27 1st  Year Dr. Jinal Shah
28 1st  Year Dr. Akash Patel
29 1st  Year Dr. Anjum Hasan
30 1st  Year Dr. Khushboo Patel
31 1st  Year Dr. Komal Meshram

Units / Functional Areas

Laboratories (specialty) : Clinical laboratory in O.P.D.

Specialty clinics :
Well Baby Clinic, Pediatric Nephrology Clinic,  High-risk Newborn Clinic,  Pediatric Neurology Clinic,  Asthma Clinic, Adolescent Clinic


U.G. Clinics -- 12 hrs/week (Clinics)
No. of hours : P.G. Clinics -- 8 hrs/ week (Clinics)

    Type of sessions






All the teaching faculties equally

15 lecture topics per batch per term.

6 per term


Participate and UG

12 hrs per week

8 hrs/week

         Journal club

Clinics by


2 per term


R2 & R3's


8 per term

     Presentation by



Same as above in column 1 to 4

Same as above in column 1 to 4


Project completed till date:



Duration of study

Name of funding agency (If any)

Maternal Hemoglobin & Neonatal Hb Status

1 year Snehlata Shah Foundation

Blood Glucose Levels in Birth Asphyxiated Newborns

2 years M.S. University

CPC of Renal Disease in Pediatrics with Special Reference  to Renal Biopsy

2 years Gujarat Government

Amlyase Rich Food in PEM Gr IV children

2 years M.S. University

Vit A (Micronutrient) as a Predictor of Morbidiy &  Mortality in ARI

2 years Gujarat Government

Weight Gain Pattern in LBW Babies on MCT

1 year F.D.C.

Azithral Drops in LRTI

1 month Alembic

National Neonatal Perinatal Database

2 years & ongoing Indian Council of Medical Research

Roxithromycin in LRTI in less than 6 Months Children

1 year Alembic

Cefixime Vs Chloramphenicol in Enteric Fever

1 year Borough's Well come

Evaluation of Efficacy of H.Influenzae Type B Vaccine in Infants

6 months Pasteur Maurieux (Aventis Pasteur)

Evaluation of Safety & Efficacy of HBIG for Post  

      Exposure Prophylaxis

1 1/2 years Cangene Corporation

Evaluation of Immunogenicity & Reactogenicity of

      DTPw with Hepatitis B Combined Vaccine

6 months Panacea-Biotec

Evaluation of Adverse Events & Reactogenicity of

      Reduced Antigen Content - DT-Acellular Pertussis   


4 months GSK Biologicals


Clinical Trials :

• MENECTRA trial: Immunogenicity and Safety of a Meningococcal (Groups A, C, Y and W-135) Polysaccharide Diphtheria Toxoid Conjugate Vaccine (Menactra®) in Subjects Aged 9 to 23 Months in India and in the Russian Federation. Sponsor: Sanofi Pasteur Inc
• Immunogenicity and Safety of Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine – Phase II trial – Sanofi Pasteur Company
• Immunogenicity and Safety of Measles Vaccine – Phase III trial – ZydusCadila Company
• Immunogenicity and Safety of MMR Vaccine – Phase III trial – ZydusCadila Company



Evaluation Patterns

UG: Beside clinical evaluation at end of pediatric posting & practical examination.
Theory exams - prelims + final M.B.B.S. Theory and practical examination.

PG: Assessment proforma of PGs is regularly maintained and assessed at the department level.
Regular assessment of dissertation done from time to time.
Final theory and viva practicals and dissertation evaluation done at the end of residency programme before awarding of M.D. and D.C.H. degrees.


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