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The department of psychiatry started as the "mental Hygiene Clinic" under the Faculty of Social Work, MS University in 1952. It was taken over by the government of Gujarat in 1965, and became part of the Medical College.

From 1967 to 1991, the department was headed by Dr. AB Khurana, who brought it to the limelight. Currently, it is headed by Dr. PR Vesuna. Along with him, the department is staffed by the following doctors:
Dr. Rakesh Gandhi (Associate Professor)
Dr. Chirag Barot (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Rajat Oswal (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Mahesh Suthar (Assistant Professor)

The department also provides training for undergraduate doctors (interns) and post-graduate students of Psychiatry. It admits three students annually to the course of MD Psychiatry from both the state and national levels and has two positions for Senior Residents. It is also involved in the training of psychology, social work and nursing students.

The department caters to the outpatients from OPD 11. It has an indoor facility of 40 beds, which include both psychiatric and de-addiction patients. Medications are provided by the hospital and electro-convulsive therapy is conducted in the Ward.

Other facilities included a departmental library.




1. Dr. Porusasp R. Vesuna
Professor and Head of the Department
2. Dr. Rakesh R. Gandhi
Associate Professor
3. Dr. Chirag K. Barot
Assistant Professor
4. Dr. Mahesh A. Suthar
Assistant Professor

1. Dr. Sutanaya Pal
Senior Resident
2. Dr. Dhruv Bardolia
Senior Resident
3. Dr. Anu H. Patel
Third Year Resident
4. Dr. Sangram Dhlagade
Third Year Resident
5. Dr. Aamirkhan Pathan
Third Year Resident
6. Dr. Pooja Thakrar
Second Year Resident
7. Dr. Prashant Mangla
Second Year Resident
8. Dr. Krishna Mishra
Second Year Resident
9. Dr. Raviraj Khadiya
First Year Resident
10. Dr. Urvika Parikh
First Year Resident
11. Dr. Avisha Mahla
First Year Resident


Publications (in last 5 years)

Sr.No Name of Author Name of Journal Article Volume/ Issue Year
1 Rakesh Gandhi

Mahesh Suthar

Mandeep Singh

Sutanaya Pal

Telangana Journal of Psychiatry  A Study of Relationship between Insight and Depression  in Schizophrenia Vol-2



July-Dec 2016
2 Rakesh Gandhi

Mahesh Suthar

Animesh Patel

International Journal of Medical Research Professionals A Study of Co-morbidity in Mentally Retarded Children Vol-2 Issue-3 Page-249-251 2016
3 Falguni M Patel

Rajat M Oswal

Ritambhara Y Mehta

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Sciences Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adult victims of 2006 Flood in Surat, Gujarat Vol-3 Issue-4 Page-303-306 Oct-Dec 2015
4 Chirag Barot

Prashant Mangla

International Journal of Research in Medicine Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes in patients of Dhat Syndrome Vol-5 Issue-3 Page-44-48 2016
5 Chirag Barot

Sunil Kumar Ahuja

Prashant Mangla

International Journal of Research in Medicine Sexual Dysfunction in Drug Free Patients Suffering from Depression Vol-5 Issue-3 Page-44-48  

Ongoing Research Projects



Name of Doctor


Association of high expressed emotions of caregivers with severity of illness in patients of Major Depressive Disorder

Dr. Krishna Mishra

Dr. Rakesh Gandhi


Stigma and depression in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS

Dr. Prashant Mangla

Dr. Chirag Barot


A Study on Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and quality of life in medical and paramedical students

Dr. Pooja Thakrar

Dr. Rajat Oswal



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