Brief Introduction

Department of Skin and V.D. , S.S.G.Hospital , Vadodara was established in the year 1954

PG Intake Capacity - Total 04
M.D Skin VD (DVL) –  04 seats


Brief Introduction

Department of Skin and V.D. , S.S.G.Hospital , Vadodara

PG Intake Capacity - Total 04
M.D Skin VD (DVL)   04 seats


Sr No.



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Dr. Hiral Shah

Associate Professor & I/C Head


Dr. Nipul Vara

Assistant Professor


Dr. Mukesh Rathwa

Assistant Professor


Dr. Sonal Patel

Assistant professor


Dr. Nidhi Patel

Senior Resident


Dr. Ankush Ajbani



Dr. Dhiral Shah



Dr. Abhishek Parekh



Dr.Jatin Chauhan



Dr. Archana Chavda



Dr. Pratiksha Rathwa



Dr. Sanya Narang



Dr. Vimal Sangam



Dr. Nikita Patel



Dr.Priyanka Gulwani









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Research Projects:

Accessibility of functional convergence between Reproductive and Child Health and National AIDS Control Programme in district of Vadodara: An exploratory study
Principal Investigator: Dr.Nipul Vara

Departmental Timetable:
• Services For Patients:
Regular OPD services are rendered from Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 12:00pm and 3:00 pm to 5:00pm and on Saturday:8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Indoor Facilities: 40-bedded Ward (20-male, 20-female)


• For Undergraduates:
A 6 week Clinical posting for undergraduates where they are exposed to patients with common and uncommon Dermatological conditions.
Regular case presentations and clinical lectures are conducted during the posting.
30 Lectures are taken separately as a part of Integrated lecture series for undergraduates of 2nd year.

• For Postgraduates:
Regular PG teaching is carried out through various modes:
 Daily routine Bed side teaching
 Weekly long and short case presentations
 Journal club/reading- Wednesday afternoon.
 Weekly topic discussion through presentations -Friday afternoon
 Interactive Interesting case discussion during OPD hours
 grand rounds
 Clinical demonstrations



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