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The Department of General Surgery, Medical College Baroda provides tertiary level care to surgical patients attending S.S.G.Hospital Baroda. It also forms the backbone of the level-2 trauma centre that is being developed with the support from the Government of India. The department is recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The outpatient department operates from OPD-4 located in the common OPD building. The indoor admissions are made to wards C-1, C-2, and C-3, C-4, D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4 and E-4 wards, located in the New Surgical Block. The Departmental office is located in the Ground Floor of the New Surgical Block. The department provides treatment to the patients from Vadodara city and Vadodara district. It also receives patient referral from the adjoining districts of Central Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.



• Department of Surgery has 8 surgical Units. Each Unit has one admission day (OPD and Emergency) and two operative days per week.
• Teaching faculty : 2 Professors, 8 Associate Professor and 15 Assistant Professor.
• Resident Doctors : Junior Resident-57, Senior Resident -12
• Total Teaching Beds available -240, Service Beds -90
• There are separate wards for female and paediatric surgical patients.
• Each ward has facility of 2 special rooms.
• There is a separate 24- bedded burns ward with separate cubicles exclusively for burns patient under the Department of Surgery housed in Ward E-4.
• There are 14 well equipped operation theatres. Of them there are 2 operation theatres each for laparoscopy and emergency surgery exclusively.
• One five bedded Surgical ICU is available for critical patients equipped with ventilators and multipara monitors in the D floor of the New Surgical Block. 





NO NAME Designation E-MAIL ID
1 Dr. Dipesh D. Duttaroy Professor & Head
2 Dr. D. B. Choksi  Professor
3 Dr. Nimish J. Shah (Addi) Prof
4 Dr. D. K. Shah (Addi) Prof
5 Dr. Adeesh P. Jain (Addi) Prof
6 Dr. Samir Kacheriwala (Addi) Prof
7 Dr. Sandeep Rao Asso.Prof
8 Dr. Ankur Kothari Asso.Prof
9 Dr. Sushil M. Damor Asso.Prof
10 Dr. Mihir K. Shah Assi.Prof
11 Dr. Digant Patel Assi.Prof
12 Dr. Anurag S. Yadav Assi.Prof
13 Dr. Hardik Parmar Assi.Prof
14 Dr. Manoj Vasava Assi.Prof
15 Dr. Jagrut Patel Assi.Prof
16 Dr. Milind Patil Assi.Prof
17 Dr. Manish Bariya Assi.Prof
18 Dr. Abhay Aaudichya Assi.Prof
19 Dr. Ashwin Kankotiya Assi.Prof
20 Dr. Akash Kherana Assi.Prof
Plastic Surgery Department
21 Dr. Shailesh Soni Assi.Prof  
Neuro Surgery Department 
22 Dr. Tejash Chotai Assi.Prof  





NO NAME Designation E-MAIL ID
1 Dr. Harshit S.Patel S.R
2 Dr. Partha Ranjan Biswas  S.R
3 Dr. Ronak Kadia S.R
4 Dr. Yash Patel S.R
5 Dr. Arun .R  S.R
6 Dr. Pooja Shah S.R
7 Dr. Karan Patel S.R
9 Dr. Hamikchandra Patel S.R
10 Dr. Burhan Kaydawala S.R
11 Dr. Alok Sandeep Gore R3
12 Dr. Prakash Surya R R3
13 Dr. Sujal Patel R3
14 Dr. Kazi Daud Ali R3
15 Dr. Abhijeet Kumar S R3
16 Dr. Kamlesh Soni R3
17 Dr. Vaghani Tejash B. R3
18 Dr. Patel Ashish H R3
19 Dr. Divyang Patel R3
20 Dr. Ram Singh Choudhary R3
21 Dr. Shishram Jangir R3
22 Dr. Mistry Jwalit Kamlesh R3
23 Dr. Darji Bhargav B R3
24 Dr. Dharajiya Bharatbhai R3
25 Dr. Vinod Saini R3
26 Dr. Mohan Lal Didel R3
27 Dr. Tank Priyank A R3
28 Dr. Damor Paresh R. R3
29 Dr. Rathwa Rahul V. R3
30 Dr. Aditya Ninjor R2
31 Dr. Anand Ratra R2
32 Dr. Ramesh Kumar R2
33 Dr. Masne Rahul R2
34 Dr. Harsh Shukla R2
35 Dr. Piyush Ankleshwar R2
36 Dr. Saurin Chaudhary R2
37 Dr. Kirtan Gosai R2
38 Dr. Prany Khobragade R2
39 Dr. Mehul Chuhan R2
40 Dr. Rutul Shah R2
41 Dr. Vivek Yadav R2
42 Dr. Jigar Patel R2
43 Dr. Manu Tomer R2
44 Dr. Vidit Dholakia R2
45 Dr. Shreyansh Patel R2
46 Dr. Krupal Patel R2
47 Dr. Renish Padsala R2
48 Dr. Doliya Tejash  R2
49 Dr. Hemin Patel R2
50 Dr. Indrajit Parmar R2
51 Dr. Annem Naga Bindu Madhavi R1
52 Dr. Karimireddy Jahnavi R1
53 Dr. Sijoy Varughese R1
54 Dr. Deepak Sanwal R1
55 Dr. Chirag Panara R1
56 Dr. Kedar C. Pathak R1
57 Dr. Sidhpuria Radha M  R1
58 Dr. Jhaveri Rupen. D R1
59 Dr. Zubair Ahmad R1
60 Dr. Prajapati Kuldeep. P R1
61 Dr. Joshi Himadri. T R1
62 Dr. Nidhi G. Rana R1
63 Dr. Chaudhary Shivani R1
64 Dr. Madugu Murli Ravi Kiran R1
65 Dr. Gohil Rajvee V  R1
66 Dr. Gimi Tato R1
67 Dr. Mehul Chaudhari R1
68 Dr. Chaudhari Jay S  R1









Seminars- 34,
Journal Presentation- 34,
Dissertation Reading 34
Death Audits- 15,
Endo Training sessions - 10


PG Teaching Schedule


Monday Death Audit
Guest Lecture
Tuesday Journal Presentation   
Wednesday Seminar   
Thursday  Case Presentation  
Friday Case Presentation  



                                                                UNIT WISE STAFF COMPOSITION

 Ward Name of the Teacher Unit OPD & Emergency OT
Cx3 Dr. Dipesh D. Duttaroy (HOU) A Monday Tuesday
Cx1 Dr. Samir Kacheriwala(Addi. Prof) Friday
  Dr. Mihir Shah (AP)  
  Dr. Anurag Yadav (AP)  
DX4 Dr. D.K.Shah (HOU) B Tuesday Wednesday
DX1 Dr. Hardik Parmar (AP) Saturday
  Dr. Manish Baria (AP)  
DX2 Dr. Nimish J. Shah (HOU) C Wednesday Thursday
DX1 Dr. Manoj Vasava (AP) Monday
  Dr. Abhay Aaudichya (AP)  
DX3 Dr. Dilip B. Choksi (HOU) D Thursday Friday
DX1 Dr. Digant Patel (AP) Tuesday
  Dr. Jagrut Patel (AP)  
CX2 Dr. Adeesh P. Jain (HOU) E Friday Wednesday
CX1 Dr. Ashvin Kankotiya (AP) Saturday
CX2 Dr. Sandeep Rao (HOU) F Friday Wednesday
CX1 Dr. Milind Patil (AP) Saturday
CX4 Dr. Ankur Kothari (HOU) G Saturday Monday
CX1  Dr. Akash Kherana (AP) Thursday
CX4 Dr. Sushil Damor (HOU)  H Saturday Monday
CX1 Dr. Akash Kherana (AP) Thursday





Research Publications


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k) Neet R. Chotai*, Dilip B. Choksi, Sushil Damor, Amul Bhedi : Intraperitoneal access by closed method (veress needle) versus open (Hasson’s) method in laparoscopic surgery to create pneumoperitoneum, International Surgery Journal, May 2017, Vol-4, Issue-8 , 2786-2790

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